Arizona's ‘Recount’ Changes Nothing About 2020 Election Results

Arizona's ‘Recount’ Changes Nothing About 2020 Election Results

The Cyber Ninjas have wrapped up their review of the Maricopa County ballots from the 2020 presidential election, but it will be at least another month before those results are ready for release. In the meantime, county officials say the so-called audit compromised election equipment and they’ll have to buy new machines. Liz Landers reports from Phoenix on the impact of the so-called audit in Arizona, and why so many people still question the 2020 presidential election results.

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  1. Shame on vice. Your legacy will be how you sold your souls. You have an opportunity to change the world, and you do this. There is no escape from the consequences of your actions. We will never forget.

  2. Dear, I philadelphia and MicHIgan, with Trump way aHEAD< as i was watching,live on cable, THE repub checkers WERE "TRICKED OUTSIDE" TO HAVE "A BREAK" .THEN THE deMS locked THE repUBS out!C WITH POLICE SUPPORT. MEANING POLICE AGAINST THE REPUBS GETTING BACK IN,. NEXT IMAGE, WERE WINDOWS WERE TAPED OVER, THEN THE VOTE MOVED VIOLENTLY AGAINST TRUMP- AND THAST WAS NEVER REPLIED TO. To democrats, would you call taping of the windows TRANSPARENT!!? No, as they were doing the very opposite.. Back to paper with one vote per! Mo Dominion as they went Privaste, meaning less accouibntability. We need an audit" ? RECOUNT THE PAPER votes as there are too many ."insider tricks"

  3. From the accusations of fraud in the 2020 elections began, the Main Stream Media has used words such as ; 'unfounded', 'false', 'bogus', Trump's big lie' etc.
    Is not the role of the media to present both sides of the story in an, as much as possible, impartial way and let the viewer/reader make up their own minds.

    William Shakespear put it best; 'The lady doth protest too much, me thinks'.

    Funnily enough, In the South Korean Presidential Elections of 2019, all of the same 'irregularities' were evident. And because South Korea has not been a free democracy for very long, the information was suppressed by the ( largely government controlled or coerced ) media.

  4. Vice you are sick, your marxist bias is obvious, you talk about concern that this will undermine peoples faith in elections but spent 4 years making up crap that trump in 2016 was not a fair election and was rigged by the russians, you are the biggest hypocrites. elections are only valid when your guy wins

  5. Bringing up songbird mcstain as a good person just shows how corrupt that idiot is. I learned about the traitor mcstain in the navy…that should tell you a lot when old school sailors thingies a pile of sh*t and tell you to never be like him.

  6. whatever gave you that idea for the bogus headline? Like the comment from Nana Z we asked for the audit. We are entitled to an audit. This is a red state, I neard on the radio over & over that Biden was going to win. No this is red state.

  7. The point is An Audit is fine for the IRS too see if you cheated on your taxes! But if the voters want it it’s wrong! Audits reveal the truth and are not bias! If you’re against it that’s against democracy! Not cheating nothing to hide!

  8. FAKE NEWS! AZ proved fraud, had to remove over 200,000 votes. Ga proved fraud and they had to remove 100,000, PA is starting their forensic Audits then MI & WI. Trump wins. Antrim Co Supervisor of elections made a 2 part video showing the fraud so it will have to be decertified.

  9. Its OK by me if you drop the "so called election" from you book of catch phrases. Is George Soros telling you to say that?
    One thing I'm sure you are not is a reporter.
    Why anyone would not want to know if there are "issues" in the voting system?
    You sure through a lot of opinion into your "articles".

    it was discovered about a month ago Katie had the passwords all along. I was discovered via a FOIA request. A common contract for software was executed along with the sale of the machines…which included a password .. signed for by .. you guessed it "Katie". She's directly lied 3 times by my count. I'm not big on calling people liars .. but I'll call her out on those.

    1.) She had the passcode all along but said she didn't

    2.) She said the county had already audited the election, but others in her office clearly said not a single vote was counted, the "audit" was to confirm firmware on all the machines were identical (they weren't .. but imo that likely doesn't matter).

    3.) She says the machines are now tainted. That is an obvious false hood. But of course without the passcodes to get into the firmware you can't taint the machine .. that's the whole point of a code password.

    I've heard enough of that BS. The senate has done a GREAT job.

  10. The military is building in Guantanamo as we speak! there will be no Trials For the traitors when the Evidence is shown to the people 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🙏🙏Go Patriots 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  11. It was so obvious the reporter was bias with the smirky grin when interviewing the opposition and the so concerned look when she was interviewing the democrats! Terrible reporting, shame on Vice news!!

  12. The FAKE news liberal hack Vice looks pretty stupid now that this didn't age well. 173,000 Illegally discarded votes and 96,000 ghost votes where someone else voted than the person named. Many are "dead" voters. Democrats are DONE

  13. We were adviced in the beginning that the results would not change the election results, so the tile of this article states the obvious. In fact we were told that the investigation was only a fact finding mission to help see where issues are & fix them for future elections. Also, they are still waiting for USB drives & routers which have been held back in spite of 2 court orders to turn them over… Dems do everything possible to hide their cheating. But their BS is coming to an end now that either they turn them over or lose county funding. Got to threaten these hardcore cheaters.

  14. Funny how nobody is reporting about how the court subpoenaed all of the modems that showed other countries had online access to the voting system and they are refusing to give it up. Kind of weird. Let that soak in. If you have nothing to hide, hand them over.

  15. We just want the truth !! That’s the POINT . If there’s nothing to hide why try to hard to stop it .
    It’s so crazy to question anything anymore , if you question things your a trump supporter or a racist or whatever .

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