Arizona Secretary of State threatens to decertify Maricopa County election equipment | FOX 10 News

Arizona Secretary of State threatens to decertify Maricopa County election equipment | FOX 10 News

Katie Hobbs says election equipment handed over to the Arizona State Senate as part of a highly controversial audit of votes cast during the 2020 election ‘should not be used in future elections.’ FOX 10’s Matt Galka reports.

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  1. Since when do Democrats care how much money is spent? Last I checked Democrats want the borders open and illegals to get checks.

  2. Katie Hobbs doesn't know her head from her ass. She keeps saying so called audit. Lady it is a real audit that's how stupid she is . doesn't even know a real audit when she sees it. Get rid of her she has too much hate for 1 person she can't do her job right. She is screwing the people of Arizona. Only the ignorant ones can't see how she's hurting Arizona. She is not for the people. She's for the big lie that Biden won the election. That's the big lie all these stupid asses keep talking about.

  3. These machines read documents as zeros & ones there are only two contestants to choose from in each category. Should be the most basic code to evaluate and shouldn’t be possible to hide any encryption from any side so why is she & Dominion so worried?

  4. Mail in ballots with no folds , that's a laugh that one … How did it make its way to the polling station " oh I know on the back of a pigeon " for crying out loud.. Must have been a lot of pigeons…😂😂.

  5. Literally everything they are doing smells of desperation and paranoia. I have never seen so much desperation to STOP the truth in my life. Anyone confident in their win wouldn't be trying so hard to stop the proof of that win.

  6. This sounds very suspicious. Looks like across the Nation, Americans are being blocked from a legal audit. I keep asking myself why? Are the Democrats afraid? If so, why? The best way to prove honesty is to audit. Crooks don't like this. So why are the Democrats so afraid of the audit? Just asking.

  7. 6 million is the price to assure our voices are heard and counted correctly hmmm I think it’s a small price to pay considering so many gave their lives for our constitutional republic.

  8. LOL! We STILL have people on both sides watching-observing-recording on the sidelines with a lot of bugs on both sides and we knew, including our MOSSAD pals and ROK intelligence and Japanese military intelligence agencies that Arizona has created delays inorder to further tamper the ballots inorder to cover up their lies and AOL is the DNC's lying propaganda mouth piece. We also have people inside it watching-observing-recording on a 24-7 basis TO BE USED AS BLACKMAIL against AOL, GOOGLE, FACEBOOK, TWITTER, INSTAGRAM, ETC. We love the lies of the lying DNC Democrat politicians and their evil pals leftists-liberals-progressives operatives evilly working for them to help cover their lies and help to reinforced their lies. LOL!

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