'Are They Coming Too Late?' White House Pressed After Announcing 500M New Covid Tests

'Are They Coming Too Late?' White House Pressed After Announcing 500M New Covid Tests

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki fielded numerous questions from reporters Tuesday about the administration’s announcement of plans to purchase 500 million rapid COVID-19 tests to distribute for free to any American who wants one.

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  1. Hey, ONLY ONE PER PERSON!! they are not supplying a year's worth of daily covid tests so what good will this do, and will our children to include age under 5yrs also be included in this give away?? I highly doubt it. Biden is only trying to save face, not save americans.

  2. Those hand movements have no connection besides cadence to what she is speaking. Truly annoying but reveling of the vacuum of communication, many words, but little meaning.

  3. They don't work you could have housed the 100 million people DISPLACED the 8 million people who are premenantly disabilied by it. The people who will be later. As it causes long term health issues later all planned. Three book have been writing to the planning of it.

  4. Had Republicans not sabotaged the vaccination effort, perhaps we would have eradicated the virus. They push Americans not to get vaccinated and not to wear masks. Highlight that for a change.

  5. Apparently natural immunity works very well with Covid variants, why hasn't the CDC with a 50 billion plus budget tested effectiveness of natural immunity against Covid variants. Where's the tested safe effective vaccine against COVID-19, Novavax?

  6. Remember on December 6 when she asked, “Should we just send one to every American?” ❓
    In a testy exchange with NPR reporter over whether Biden should be delivering rapid coronavirus tests to every household Psaki delivered an answer that many — particularly those in the medical community — viewed as “dismissive,” “flippant,” and “cringeworthy.”

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