Anti-Abortion Movement Embraces Donald Trump’s 'Big Lie'

Anti-Abortion Movement Embraces Donald Trump’s 'Big Lie'

Anti-abortion groups are now pushing “voter integrity” efforts based on Trump’s “Big Lie” to make it harder to vote. Melissa Murray, Faculty Director at Birnbaum Women’s Leadership Network and Fernanda Santos, a Washington Post Opinion Columnist join American Voices with Alicia Menendez to discuss the intersection of voting rights and abortion access. » Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Anti-Abortion Movement Embraces Donald Trump’s ‘Big Lie’


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  1. WAIT! So the anti-medicine/anti-science anti-abortionists are also anti-REALITY?????…..I’m more surprised their heads don’t pop at seeing the word “anti” so often, we all know how triggered these folks are of the big and scawwwwwy………A.N.T.I.F.A!!!!! 🤯🙈🤯🙉🤯🙊🤯

  2. Republicans love that freedom … taking it i mean… but they love life …. just not yours… at least Trump won my state so dont have to worry about a recount

  3. The attacks on safe abortions needs to stop! It doesn't matter if it goes against how someone else "feels" about it or if their religion goes against it. They have NO right to tell a woman what to do with her body that decision is between the woman and her doctor.

  4. These republicans don't want to help the elderly that costs money they complain about homeless but do nothing to help the long term solution. Divorced women with one income and low S.S. Benefits are living on the streets and cars not because of drugs but because they can't afford to pay rent and eat and pay utilities but I guess republicans just wish they would go ahead and croak to relieve the system. We have a president trying to get funds to reduce homelessness but these republicans I guess want the funds for thier vacations and to get votes. America is very unsympathetic to women who raised children and didn't get as many work years in at companies now that their old just cut their healthcare insurance and don't raise their S.S. just hope they move to California and heat stroke this summer things like this makes me sick.

  5. Freedom of educated choice is the right thing to do.
    The vast majority choose life.
    But the anti-abortionist won't tell you that, cause they too busy being morally superior.
    Do as I say not as I do, clowns, try everything to get us back to the coathanger days when girls died from sepsis, trying to give themselves abortions, and shady wanna be doctors stripping people of life savings then the woman dies anyway, babies left in boxes in alleys and on doorsteps, unwed mother's homes. Ugliness, and for what? Ethical brownie points? ..That was the reality before women got to choose.
    I remember. Some of my high school friends died. Some went to homes. Some got back room abortions. Some got unhappily married. None of them were ever the same.
    One of my friends was the first girl in BC history to keep her baby, and come back to school, after insisting on going to school when she was pregnant. Was unheard of back then. Now it is normal.

  6. Can’t believe they always tell bigger lies why they care about women ability to carry or have children when they have no empathy for humanity in general guess it’s about supremacy over everyone who they care less about!

  7. If Roe was overturned, abortion would still be legal in some states, it would just be illegal in states that want it illegal. Same with marijuana and 2a sanctuaries. State sovereignty takes precedence…

  8. Well they worry about the black population and Mexican population. They don't want to fund welfare. They don't want to fix schools. So as far as Republicans are stupid. They really don't want healthcare for all. Republicans by their irresponsible behavior and polices are the bad actors in our country. Children having children will exploud. And republicans can get caught when they have out of marriage affairs. Not the smartest move on their part.

  9. Right to life should include good housing good food good healthcare for all mother's and children.Without that children babies will starve. Republican policies need to take responsibility for the deathes of children after birth. They are hypocrites.

  10. Children drinking from lead pipes in Michigan..I don't believe republicans care about life at all..Those who pretend are evil to not take care of families water supply . Little children babies mother's suffer in Michigan today . Churches should step up and put in all new pipes in Michigan for those babies and young children. Our government has not cared under republican policies.

  11. They should realize that women are also voters so when they want to start trying to take away their rights they are also making women to seriously look at who their voting for. The Supreme Court Justices are not there to do the Republicans bidding but for all the people. Women have the right to choose.

  12. There is one way to end this voter fraud nonsense issue once and for all.
    All eligible voters in the United States will be issued a voter’s license, that has a photo on it, similar to a driver’s license.
    The only difference, the voters license will be free to all eligible voters whereas those who want a driver’s license have to pay for one.
    Then to make it easier for all to vote, election day will be a holiday for everyone.
    Universal national voting rules will be issued, mandating voting my mail, etc.
    Yes, I know, this all makes way to much sense for it to be implemented.

  13. Of course the anti-abortion crowd embraces the big lie, the COVID hoax, the earth is flat, and Elvis is alive. They have brains incapable of storing and retaining any facts.

  14. The fascists and religious nutters are pretty much the same baggage. Israel and Amerika has the same issue. Pro life (?) evangelicals that are OK with killing children in airstrikes but abortion out of socioeconomic necessity is bad, but you don't tackle the issue in an sensible manner oh no you try to flat out ban an medical procedure in the name of God almighty. Incoherent inconsistencies of irrational control freaks loosing their grip on power. The Patriarchat and the military industrial complex needs to be dismantled. It's just an necessity.

  15. Amy Corey Bennett should resign as a Supreme Court judge as she was pushed through by a False President that didn’t work for the American people but played golf whenever he wanted to. The whole world watched as Donald Trump did nothing to stop the spread of COVID-19 and Donald Trump wasted taxpayers money n going to play golf at HIS own golf course that he still owned while in office, which if this Australian remembers correctly which I do, a sitting President isn’t allowed to own any business nor make trips to their own business or make recommendations on stay at their own business which can be seen as a federal crime and Donald Trump has committed federal crimes including tax evasion, making up that he worth more then anyone else to banks just to get a loan from the bank.

    Those that followed Donald Trump and his allies, they are misleading the American People and can’t even protect the American Constitution from one of their own, seeing as Donald Trump and Mike Pence have broken Article 2 section 1-4 a number of times already, including Mr Barr himself

  16. Democratic Party FOUNDED on RACISM 1828! Just BEING a Democratic Party member PERPETUATES SYSTEMIC RACISM! Get O-U-T of the RACIST Democratic Party! NON-AFFILIATED Voter

  17. Are you all stupid?

    The Catholic Church opposes abortion and has campaigned against abortion in the United States, both saying that it is immoral and making statements and taking actions in opposition to its classification as legal.

    Now he is providing government funding for abortion?

    Biden is a Catholic. Can you not even tell when the president is being held hostage?

    Olympus Has Fallen.

  18. The once proud republican party once cared about women and, together with the religious, made sure abortion was legalized so women were protected from being forced baby makers. Now they have turned their backs on the basis of the far right’s lies. Shame on the “new” republican party which will set American rights back 50 years.

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