Ana Kasparian vs Donald Trump | 2020 Election Prediction

Ana Kasparian vs Donald Trump | 2020 Election Prediction

Could Ana Kasparian, a producer on the Young Turks, overcome Donald Trump in the 2020 Presidential Election?

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  1. I actually think Kasperian would run circles around Trump, especially within his own base. They don’t necessarily support him because of his policies but his ideals and his ‘strength’, and based on that I think she, who is very outspoken a majority of the time about not only his policy but his flaws as a whole, would expose a lot of his hypocrisy and his strategy of name calling and aggressive behavior probably wouldn’t work with as it did with the moderate democrats such as Hillary because they’d allow it.

  2. Well, that one isn't even serious or it is? Kasparian could do beter than Madows or Sellers but, the comentarist weren't so serious, yet they will be better than Hillary Clinton

  3. He couldn't win Nevada , Nevada is to liberal pot legalization , she'd also sin Michigan because of large Muslim population . And Florida because of liberals under 35 will be demanding a change.

  4. "The Economy isn't everything." Ok, I call BS on that. If the Economy isn't everything then what is the major reason Grover Cleveland lost in 1892 or Carter lost in 80 or H.W. lost in 92?

    The Economy is everything. It can make and break a presidency. If you can't acknowledge that than it's clear you need to be brought down from your high horse

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