Amy Klobuchar vs Donald Trump | 2020 Election Prediction

Amy Klobuchar vs Donald Trump | 2020 Election Prediction

Could Amy Klobuchar overcome Donald Trump in 2020?

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  1. Shame on people like Amy Klobuchar and the other dems for destroying a good man's rep like Kavanaugh's. What these people won't do for power isn't worth mentioning. Besides, Amy lacks in the charisma dept. Backing her with lots of money would be like throwing money away. but let her run, you'll see

  2. Your predictions all wrong people are finally waking up and they're walking away from the Democratic Party the Socialist Communist / party. Walk away walk away walk away walk away vote Republican we need to get all Democratic senators out of Congress and representatives the Democrat ones. Trump has done more in 2 years than most presidents in 8 years. We love you Trump

  3. I think Ohio would go to Klobuchar if she wins PA and FL. Even tho NC and IA would be toss ups I think Trump narrowly carries them unless if a Conservative Democrat like Joe Manchin runs then he’d probably be able to flip NC and IA

  4. You were right. Al Franken did announce his resignation today. Good riddance to him, I say as someone who, just less than a year ago, wanted him to run for president.

  5. climate change could be used for democrats to appeal to rural voters (because of all these tornadoes and those severe droughts)

  6. Love to know what you base these asinine predictions of political non-entities beating Trump in projection after projection. You're going for comedy, right?

  7. If she wins Florida than she’d win Ohio. Ohio Voted for trump “overwhelmingly” because of low turnout in Cincinnati, Cleveland and Columbus also there’s massive amounts of Puerto Rican’s who are pissed at trump who are moving to Ohio so that would certainly bring down the margins if not flip the state

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