America Votes 2020: Live election results

America Votes 2020: Live election results

The U.S. election count continued into Wednesday morning as no clear winner emerged. Donald Trump declared early Wednesday that he would win the race, even with some swing states too close to call.
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  1. A lot of Americans own tactical weapons and we WONT let the coup makers steal this election. If Canada needs help getting rid of your liberals, a lot of us are children of Canadians. I'm a hugonaughts and live 55 minutes from Montreal.

  2. Who do you guess will be the 2020 president of the United States 🇺🇸? I wish Trump would win but I have to say that according to my calculations based on both their birth dates (numerology), this year (2020) is a lucky year for Biden. So, it's possible that Biden will win for luck, despite Trump's efforts. If the elections were extended next year, perhaps Trump would win. 😞

  3. The counting station in Detroit where 138K Biden votes mysteriously appeared due to a dubious typo, they kicked out all GOP observers earlier today and then proceeded to board up windows so they could not see inside. Biden was then declared the winner of MI shortly afterwards. Remember that Trump was on his way to victory when they halted counting for MI and the rest of the states Trump was leading.

  4. Project Veratas released a video of a USPS whistle blower in Michigan saying a supervisor instructed workers to stamp ballots that arrived Nov 4th to Nov 3rd toss them into express delivery bucket so they would be valid. They called the supervisor for comment but hung up immediately.

  5. Corruption there on election day..".One irregularity that is amazing to me is…that one of the disputed states has turned in over 200,000 more ballots than voters who live in the state. How can that be looked at as ANYTHING BUT cheating?"

  6. Damn.. That girl is literally a traitor to her own gender.
    And voting democratic doesn't take away their right to bare arms. Just increases the process to get one so that the chances of them landing with unstable/untrained people goes down.

  7. Democrats has not yet explain why in Wisconsin, the count passed midnight all of sudden increased 156K for Biden in 47 min, Google's statistics indicate the counted votes raised 1 %, from 94% to 95% but Wisconsin has only 5.6 million registered voters, not 15.6 millions. Where are these ballots coming from? Phantom votes coming from nowhere. Similar situation happened in Michigan. All happened just after most people go to sleep. Most people do not know the blue votes came in just within one hour, making the curve is a straight vertical up of 138K votes for Biden, leave other 4 candidates with 0 count of increase, so all absentee ballots of 138K were brought in strait from Democrats office?. Many medias have caught these unusual situations on Google statistics. Americans need an explanation, otherwise, the democracy means nothing and the election is just a joke, if the result can be altered by illegal cheating ballots

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