“Alex Jones” Has His Own 2020 Election Conspiracy Theories

“Alex Jones” Has His Own 2020 Election Conspiracy Theories

“Alex Jones” joins the Stern Show to spread the “truth” about the presidential election.

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  2. I remember when he was a staunch anti Cheney/Bush guy. Then he went full on all govt. is evil, then to supporting Trump. That was a weird one. The biggest red herring in DC (Trump) falsely portrayed as the pied piper of the alternative to the status quo. A former Democrat now Republican. Big pay day there, or just meth jitters? I hope it’s a big pay day. AJ was great when he was going after all govt. equally.

  3. Lol this is the top thing on Alex Jones when you look up his name and has not even 1/4 the views as the shit they shadobanned lmao

  4. Very easy to bully good old Jones, but nobody makes fun of David Icke nowadays. That guy is on point. They made fun of him in the 90s and we all know that didn't age too well

  5. Alex Jones and Joe Joe Rogan interview 6 months ago has 18million views. This video posted 6 months ago at about the same time has 489,000 views. I started watching Alex Jones 11 years because I thought it was funny and unbelievable. Never did I think I would actually believe in Agenda 21/30/ The Great Reset. Until I saw it being implanted all over the world. We'll win, this group of Great Reset elites will be destroyed.

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