After Biden’s Victory, Will Trump Concede The Election? | Sunday TODAY

After Biden’s Victory, Will Trump Concede The Election? | Sunday TODAY

Meet the Press moderator Chuck Todd joins Sunday TODAY’s Willie Geist to discuss the results of the 2020 election after Joe Biden was declared the president-elect on Saturday. “I think he’ll (concede) in a way that won’t ever feel like a concession to him, that he’ll acknowledge the results without acknowledging whether he thinks that it was fair and square because that’s just who he is,” Chuck says.

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After Biden’s Victory, Will Trump Concede The Election? | Sunday TODAY


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  1. Sadly the 7 media corporations that are allowed to say who won if backtracked all belong to the same company, and they're all obviously there to support Biden and defame Trumps name. Which is why everyone hates him now because for the past 4 years they've been slowly conditioning people to not accept him. Hopefully soon people realise they're being manipulated and this is the most corrupt election in history. Biden will destroy America and make it a 2 class socialism country.

  2. Four years ago you deemed genital hats news worthy but not possible voter fraud now ? I'm an independent . The bias you show make me leery. America sees the mutiny of free speech and due process being destroyed. Joe Biden pledge not to claim victory until the election was certified in Ohio. This is divisive if Trump is successful in court. Im not deranged, I know that Trump may be defeated in court. My point is only to investigate and not dismiss. There is proof that fraud was committed but it is in the hands of the court. Its seems like the fall of free speech and due process in America. Cheer on if you must. But you're next. Again, I'm an independent. I want to see unbiased news on the national level. All Americans should even if it is not what you want to hear. We've been through this in a lesser degree in 2000. Reporting was different when more corporations owned the media. Trump has alleged voter fraud. Its not like he won't need proof for this allegation or that journalist should play Judge and dismiss any proof without investigating. If by chance, he succeeds in court, the way you are presenting this is divisive.

  3. Joe Biden is NOT the President Elect yet. The AP/ media do NOT call elections. Wake up! The mainstream media are lying to you. This is a smoke screen to take your attention away from the fraudulent election. There are FAR too many voting irregularities for it to be a free and fair election

  4. You have no conscience! President Trump did not threaten to withhold vaccines from New York, LIARS! Thankfully there are newsmedia that is reporting the facts. You are a disgusting, disgraceful garbage media, that should have the plug pulled.

  5. Watch the Movies Hillary's America & The Plot Against the President and you'll see what the Democrats really are. You'll be shocked to see how Corrupt they are. Then tell me they didn't rig the Election

  6. ironic to see an entire media industry that spent 4 years not accepting the results of the 2016 election, demanding everyone immediately accept 2020.

    they've done everything possible to try to delegitimize Trump's election but will not spend an ounce of effort to legitimize Biden's.

  7. Joe Biden is right man of this tuff Time of hurting 😂 America and the people needed the leadership that care not only the rich family to be richer somebody with only taik but to do some action

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  9. [Nov 21] <> Was the Election Invalidated before Nov 3 ? <> Was pandemic science, adopted and published by 150 nations, hidden and deleted, even herein, by US Media? For months it scared voters by publishing increasing and accelerating world biggest COVID-19 cases/deaths. FACTS. But the biggest NUMBERS, by themselves, reflect biggest US population. Acceleration? Improved detection techs, methods & infected victims declaring & trusting expanded hospital capacities & alleged numbers-inflation (paid per case). In contrast, U.S. internationally reported % FATALITIES of those positively diagnosed, are, e.g., 2.75% (Oct 22), 2.12% (Nov 21) & FROM Nov 2 to Nov 21, in %F: – Germany 1.97,[1.56] – NL 2.11,[1.86] – Finland 2.20,[1.81] – U.S. 2.51,[2.12]). FACTS, YET HIDDEN & DELETED BY US MEDIA, causing election asymmetry against the regime (legal libel?) that none can fix: Unrepairable Election Invalidations, [UEI]. If that proves unattainable, as expected, No Alternative, No-Escape is left to heal the nation divided but national runoff. We anticipate two runoff goods, at least: UEI evaporate if ordered & guided by the Supreme Court & pretext of countries to respond to pro & cons of WH attack on Iran (published by NYT), to the drawers return. More at IN, Amazon, Google Search and Utube/

  10. Come on- America has already won the Prize for STUPID/ 4 tears in a row! Give up already!😂🤣😂🤣👋🙈 The level of “stupid” in GOP is bottomless! We across the pond are loving the freak show! It’s giving us a new found RESPECT for OUR politicians- no matter what- they can never match the stupidity of YOUR Republican morons!!!👋😂

  11. I don t knonw what another people talk about him what ever I don t care. but i m touching with him I understanding .he just talking not desiding it just be the way to solve the problem I belive him. he is a verygood people I think I like him. Cuz he is a funnyman sporting man I will think of him. final I pray to my god guidiying him sand happyness for him ferever thank you for everthing

  12. After Biden's victory?? Whether Democrat or Republican, I want to see the evidence investigated to see if there was foreign influence. If there was, I want to see justice. What else are the moles lurking into? Being that Americans aren't getting all the true facts from the media, all we are getting are opinions and different twists of the information. Can't believe anyone it seems.

  13. Trump did not lose! Election fraud was/is real. Will we find out the truth? We need investigations into election fraud and we need to impeach Biden for his dealings with China. His nick name is not ‘QuidProJoe’ for nothing……!

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