2020 US Election Results | Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics

2020 US Election Results | Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics

To our Lush community,

Today is a new day. Over the past month, the world watched with great anticipation as Americans showed up for a historic election that saw the highest voter turnout in over a century. After four years of chaotic and unruly leadership, it’s time for a peaceful transition of power so that the country may face the future, together.

At a time of uncertainty and instability, record numbers of people chose to make their vote count and ensure that their voices were heard. Estimates by the US Elections Project show that close to 160 million votes were cast by eligible voters. Thank you for being part of the highest voter turnout in more than a century.

Approximately 63 percent of these votes were cast early and took extended time to safely count. Thank you to the officials and poll workers who proved that democracy is resilient. The electorate determined the outcome of this election and chose to vote for core values that the United States aspires to uphold—liberty, equality, diversity and unity—and against the hateful rhetoric and actions that sought to divide us.

Now it’s time to face Covid-19 and address the pandemic and its impacts with science, structure and consistency. The people have voted to eleelct a leader who will protect those in harm’s way and ensure that those who need healthcare are able to access it. People have voted for a leader to strengthen the economy and uplift communities with the guiding belief that fairness, equity and compassion are rights guaranteed to all. While there are no quick fixes to the important and pressing issues this administration must immediately tackle, the work needed to address their root causes is also long overdue.

At Lush, we welcome this new day and will serve as allies in the work ahead. This work includes rebuilding eroded civil liberties for all communities, restoring environmental protections and addressing the climate crisis. It will also require repairing the harm that has sought to divide us and rejuvenating the hope and pride that we are part of a caring and unified society.

We would not be here without the Black, Latinx and Native American communities whose votes and voices played pivotal roles in this election’s outcome. Thanks to years of grassroots organizing efforts by BIPOC-led organizations, votes of communities of color were vital to key state victories—which will have impacts for decades to come. To our partners at the Movement for Black Lives, Black Voters Matter, Black Men Build, She The People, Southerners on New Ground, Sunrise Movement, Mijente, United We Dream, Community Change, the Decolonizing Wealth Project, Earth Guardians, the Women’s March and so many others: we stand with you in the work ahead to ensure campaign promises deliver lasting change.

We recognize that there is much work to do and we will continue to stand on the frontlines with those most impacted by the ravages of the current administration and centuries of white supremacy. We will continue to support those who push forward to define clear pathways to citizenship for undocumented folks, fix the broken system of policing that disregards Black lives, safeguard a person’s right to control their uterus and live free from sexual abuse and harassment. We will also support initiatives to expand LGBTQ2+ rights, address the climate crisis with science and ensure that abhorrent policies such as the so-called Muslim ban and family separation initiatives—which target communities of color—never happen again.

As a campaigning company, we are committed to building the world we want to see in our partnerships with community-led organizations—through our campaigns in our shops and threaded across our social media channels. Our charitable giving program, Charity Pot, will continue to defend the rights of animals, people and the planet through grants to grassroots organizations doing transformative work.

It’s a new day and we are honored to stand together with you for the important work ahead

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