2020 Senate Map | Based on FiveThirtyEight's Forecast

2020 Senate Map | Based on FiveThirtyEight's Forecast

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  1. I've got an update, and this one is a doozy:

    In Idaho – a ruby red state that Trump won by nearly 30 points on 2016 – incumbent Jim Risch has recently been exposed as a Grade A sexist sleazeball.

    As a result, Idahoans are furious, Risch is not campaigning at all, and political conservatives are backing his Democratic opponent Paulette Jordan (let the last one sink in).

    Since Risch, Thom Tillis, Susan Collins, Cory Gardner and Martha McSally are all hosed (the Democrats have only Doug Jones in this category), then the Democrats have won control of the Senate in any event (it is now 51-49, all things being equal).

  2. So how far down the ticket will most voters vote? Will “Republicans against Trump” vote for Biden, but for Republicans down the ticket from there?

  3. Young people and minorities have a poor record of showing up to vote.
    The low voter turn out in 2016 gave us this disaster.
    The con man in chief makes every decision by asking "what's in it for me?"
    Register and VOTE. Show up and make a difference in your community.
    Don't wait. When early voting starts go VOTE.

  4. Ditch Mitch McConnell!!!!!!! Why is he even leading this race? He's a disgrace and hasn't done a damn thing! It makes me sick that people are choosing party over country! These Republican senators and governors that sold their souls need to go! Vote blue and save democracy! Save preexisting conditions! Save our country!

  5. Trump's accomplices like Mitch McConnell, Graham, Geatz, Nunes and the rest of them, have got to be WHIZZING THEIR BRITCHES RIGHT ABOUT NOW! They ALL KNOW that Biden is beating the soup out of Trump in the polls. Trump cannot give them a presidential pardon once he loses to Biden and the transfer of power occurs. …And if he does it BEFORE he leaves office, that is pretty much an admission of HIS OWN GUILT right before he leaves (or is dragged), out of the White House; OR which will cause him to be removed from the White House should he win! and he knows HE IS GOING TO PRISON FOR LIFE! So right now, THEY ARE ABSOLUTELY TERRIFIED! …You're welcome! I thought you could stand a little good news to brighten up your day!

  6. Martha McSally replacing John McCain is such a disappointment! Loses her senate race in '18, gets appointed by Governor Ducey on a temporary basis and now rushes to replace RBG destroying all values and tradition GOP claimed to have respect for. She is against everything McCain stood for.

  7. How do people who tell you to play the tape and turn around and don't care about it something is very wrong with humanity we need to really pray for Christs Salvation

  8. JHK Forecasts shows Susan Collins has less than a 25% chance of winning reelection, with the projected vote forecast of 51.2% for Sara Gideon to 46.6% for Collins. I hope JHK has the better forecast.

  9. Amy Mcgrath losing? what a shock..!! What a stupid move 4 the corpdems to invest there instead of giving the voters a real choice.. but the again corpdems don't give a damn about winning.. Just losing to a progressive is awfull.. So Ed markey winning the primary with double digits is still considered a close race in the corpmedia outlets..

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