2020 Presidential Election Prediction (4 Most Likely Outcomes)

2020 Presidential Election Prediction (4 Most Likely Outcomes)

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Purpose of the channel:
I am a political science major who spends all my free time learning about contemporary US politics. I have a distinct interest in the study of US elections and campaigns which is the focus of my channel. My most common videos consist of me filling out a Presidential electoral map with different color classifications for each state that represent how competitive I think each state will be. Still, I do many other videos that cover the US Senate elections, US House elections, Vice Presidential selection, how each candidate’s campaign strategy, hypothetical Presidential matchups in the future and in the past, analysis of primary and general election.
Common Q and A:
► What are my ratings for my electoral maps (lean, likely, etc.)?
Tilt: Less than 2%, Lean: 2-5%, Likely: 5-12%, Safe: 12%+
► Will I continue with my Youtube channel after the 2020 elections?
► What will I change your name to after the 2020 elections are over?
I will let my subscribers vote on this, but I am leaning toward “Ben’s Election Predictions” right now
► What are my personal political views?
I choose not to broadcast them to my audience for the purpose of this channel. I try to be as unbiased as possible because I believe that lends credibility to my channel.
► What website do I use for my electoral projections?
YAPMS.com or 270toWin.com
► How often do I upload?
Usually once or twice a day
► When do I typically go live?
Usually once or twice a week towards the evening. I will announce when I do so though.
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  1. IGNORE PROPAGANDA; TAKE NOTHING FOR GRANTED! Every non vote is a vote for trump so those who can vote but choose not to, shame on you. For your love of freedom, VOTE. For the love of your family, VOTE. For the love of your fellow man, VOTE. Hell, vote as if your very life depends on it. https://youtu.be/PD9XWTbbSGA. JUST VOTE. THE ONLY THING NECESSARY FOR THE TRIUMPH OF EVIL IS FOR GOOD MEN TO DO NOTHING……. 🗳 ROCK THE VOTE! VOTE BIDEN/HARRIS! VOTE BLUE! 🗳

  2. In 2016 polls weren’t solidly in Hillarys favor during the campaign. If you were to look at the 2016 chart of who lead and when, it looks like a strand of DNA, trump up and her down then her up and him down. This year it’s consistent with Biden steadily going up. Also in 2016 Comey stepped to a mic days before voting and announced the FBI was investigating Hillary for her emails. That alone caused many voters to just sit the election cycle out. Then if you look at polling, they stop a few days prior to the election which of course they didn’t reflect where she was on the night of the election. Talk about delusional. I guarantee you, assuming for a moment that a “silent” voter population even exists there is no world where it would consist of millions and that they strategically exist in such a way as to create the perfect storm. At the end of the day even polling is meaningless unless people actually vote. TAKE NOTHING FOR GRANTED! Every non vote is a vote for trump so those who can vote but choose not to, shame on you. For your love of freedom, VOTE. For the love of your family, VOTE. For the love of your fellow man, VOTE. Hell, vote as if your very life depends on it. https://youtu.be/PD9XWTbbSGA. JUST VOTE. THE ONLY THING NECESSARY FOR THE TRIUMPH OF EVIL IS FOR GOOD MEN TO DO NOTHING……. 🗳 ROCK THE VOTE! VOTE BIDEN/HARRIS! VOTE BLUE! 🗳

  3. The Bidens would not pass a security clearance from what we already know about the BRIBES they accepted from foreign companies and governments. The MainStream media is hiding the details of Hunter’s laptop to protect ChinaJoe.

  4. Red wave is more likely. Think about it, when a polester calls and you think they are actually Liberals pretending to be polesters and will burn your house down if you tell them the Truth.

  5. He's basically saying that there's a silent majority cuz of which Trump can win (like 2016). Although there might be a silent majority, you have to remember that in 2016, Hillary won the popular vote by around 3 million and only lost by the electoral college. At that time, some people relied on the polls and didn't vote while the Trump supporters were really enthusiastic and voted and gave it their best. This time, EVERYONE is voting and no one's taking any chances. Plus there's the mishandled pandemic, children at border situation, Trump staff mostly in prison for corruption charges (Paul Manafort, Steve Bannon, etc.). Biden will definetely win this time around! Infact, a lot of Biden votes have already been casted (25 million- which is 38% of the 2016 Democratic votes 10 DAYS BEFORE THE ELECTION)!

  6. Georgia might be tilt Biden. Clinton, an awful candidate plagued by her email scandal, was able to get Georgia down to a 5.1 margin without even making a play for the state. At the rate Joe Biden is outperforming Clinton, combined with the states leftward trend and bad circumstances for Trump, Georgia could definitely go Blue.

    Just my take tho🤔 Love your vids, 2020EP!

  7. The biggest failure in US politics is listening to pollsters say they "fixed their polls" and that at best it would be the same swing as 2016. They fail to take into account that Trump voters do not talk to pollsters and even outright lie to them if they do. Trump has only consolidated his approval in the Republican Party, and his Approval over all his higher than when he was elected. That in includes latino and African American votes. Pollsters and MSM refuse to take this into account.

    Higher Trump Approval and Popularity, The higher the polling error becomes when it comes to the election. This is clearly obvious that Trump supporters hate MSM and will not trust them.

  8. I see Biden flipping Michigan and Trump flipping Nevada and New Hampshire resulting in a 300- 238 Trump victory with Biden winning the popular vote by a little under 4 points.

  9. You should do a map based on the current numbers from the Democratic data firm targetearly.targetsmart.com website. You could fill in the states based on the current margins as the Democrats best case scenario. You could also do a comparative map based on adding various points to the Republican numbers to get more realistic outcome.
    Before you do such a map, make sure to point out the caveat that early voting dramatically favors Democrats and that early voting is not at all a good indicator of the ultimate results.
    This website could be a useful resource for use in many future videos.

  10. Predict It is a place where people are scared to bet their money so they vote how they think things will pan out, not how things are planned to be. Honestly, it is genuinely challenging that we have this discussion at all yet. I do think that every state Trump won tho is now a tossup, but i genuinely do not know

  11. Predictit isn't at all what America thinks what the results of the election will be. Predictit is a New Zealand based betting market in which anyone in the world can bet on U.S. elections. It's not even a representative sample of what the world's population thinks of the U.S. elections. Predictit, at best, is a sample of what gamblers around the world think will make them the most money, regardless of the actual outcome. Believe it or not, gamblers really don't have magical psychic powers to know the outcome of an election. They use the exact same information as the rest of us do. Sometimes they win. Sometimes they lose.

  12. I think the polls are definitely inaccurate especially in the rust belt however i think its highly unlikely he can flip Pennsylvania but he's already winning in the mail in votes for Michigan and Wisconsin so I predict trump wins by a very small lead in the electoral college maybe around 270 to 290 but he will definitely lose the popular vote.

  13. Polls have been weighted for education and Nate Silver claims his model is already more conservative leaning. I don't think there is going to be any surprise shy voter effect this time. I don't think we will see any big surprise like 2016 two elections in a row.

  14. Sorry but you are ignoring the fact that there was the Comey factor, (there isn’t anything this time) your ignoring Trump was an unknown then (politically) now he’s Shown himself for what he is……….. (I’ll leave that there) he won the Rust Belt by such tiny amounts when Clinton was only ahead by a tiny amount Biden gas almost double her lead in the R.B. And as he is only popular with his diminishing fan base there’s no way that will happen again he’s going to lose in quite a spectacular fashion IMHO.

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