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  1. I honestly don't know what kind of politics is going on. All I know is neither party cares about our well-being. It would be sad if we end up hurting each other over politics that have nothing to do with us. Let's just continue to have our discussions. As a liberal, I feel disconnected and disappointed with what is going on.

  2. There’s a coward in the White House right now. He’s hiding behind fences and bunkers because he thinks that the people who don’t like him are as savage as the people who do.

    3:38:15 that quote is aging beautifully so far.

  3. Hmmm lets see Trump crippled the USPS the past few weeks to cheat us out of our votes, is ordering his thugs to harass voters at polls, stacked the supreme court at the last minute, has his fascist cult members shouting "STOP THE VOTE" at voting stations,has encouraged Russia and Putin to interfere in our elections for a 2nd election the list goes on for dirty donny cheating just like cheated the military with bone spurs faked
    disability. His own sister said he paid someone to take his tests in college. He cheated on his taxes for 30 years…tax fraud. Cheating was always a way of life for donny. IT is WHO and WHAT he is. A cheater.

  4. We must have a revote! This won’t be accepted. These people are paid liars and criminals. The establishment has stolen and rigged this election. Never in our entire history has this happened. This is a fraudulent election. We must have a revote with no mail in ballots!

  5. What happens if the voters mail their ballots and at the same thing vote in person ? Is that cheating possible ? Double-check the total number of votes vs the total number of registered voters. Count every legal votes only. Changing the voting rules affect the votes. jts/ 2020

  6. i need an answer to understand what happens in america: when donald trump jr. speaks for the election2020 about " fight in a total war until death" ,is donald trump jr. now a case for the National Security Letter, patriot act, and is he on the screen of cia and fbi now ? ? ?

  7. No observers at ballot counting itself is enough evidence to be doubt and mistrust the counting system If we want no controversy and smoothness we should have allowed both democrats and republicans observers to represent the Americans public vigilance. Not allowing observers itself brings a lot of questions and doubt in our mind. I.cant trust this crowded ballot counting without camera on what actually they are doing People already have a lot of doubts and these stupid ballot handlers are doing exactly the things people can doubt and mistrust which will bring raise to social unrest and problems in America

  8. Why USA has the worst system of counting votes No observation means fraud and mistrust. Looks like Democrats keep pouring fake ballots for Biden to win like in a war Looks like democrats have factories to re produce ballots for Biden. This country would have a big problem soon USA president election should gave an unified system and not differentiate each state

  9. Sadly. We must all realize, that they figured us out long ago. Financially viable assets are Bread not born. Every aspect of your life has been calculated/ planed. Which has led to this. Which is only the beginning of the end. For you and I that is… everything across all of history had to happen to all peoples and civilizations…. we exist for" them" now. Sorry boys and girls but it's out of our hands now. We sure are separated and seem to hate each other. We hate each other so we don't focus on them.just pawns. But make sure you watch all the things you enjoy on the internet and on cable. Sheeple. Cull away you megalomaniacs. All of the new video game systems are coming out soon😅😬😞… to me "Tik Tok" seems quite ironic and ominous….

  10. How do you figure President Trump is a kkk , white supremacy supporter ,he said many times on interview surprised them , but the idiot behind the mic kept asking the same question, never heard biden suppress antifa,he couldn’t he is part of them fo after all they are just a plan , and it is peaceful protesting ,with burning building s in back ground ,people being beaten by them ,cars destroyed , watch up , police killed and blinded,

  11. Well honey when speak of FREEDOM I SPEAK OF ALL FREEDOM TO THAT ARE LEGALS IN THIS COUNTRY . BESIDE YOUR DIFFERENT THAN MYSELF I WAS RAISED GOD MAD ALL OF US ! WE ARE HIS CHILDREN ! WHEN I MEET SOMEONE I DONT LOOK HOW THEY ARE DRESSED ! SO CALLED COLOR OF THEIR SKIN! I LOOK AT INTO THEIR EYES? If being white which I’m not white my skin is peach colored then where are my special privileges? 70 and never even got ONE have to work all my life from child to adult not came free to me nor my children .still today I’m still working to keep what I have worked my life for , my children . So honey I don’t judge no one I don’t have that right , I’m just another child of God, he will be all our judge someday .

  12. To whom they believe Joe B. Win the election: you are not fare and not smart at all. Media are doing everything for their own benefits, Democrat pay them to defend their guilty act in the pass.

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