2020 House and Senate Election Results | Hysteria

2020 House and Senate Election Results | Hysteria

Erin Ryan and Alyssa Mastromonaco are joined by Naomi Ekperigin, Megan Gailey and Grace Parra to take stock of where we stand in the House and Senate races.

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  1. I am a senior white woman and I absolutely don't know how any woman, of any race could vote for this horrible, lying conman. Of course I had an amazing husband so I judge men by his qualities.I also can't vote for a person I have absolutely no respect for.Joe is a good husband and father and I respect him, so he got my vote.

  2. I woke up this morning, and Georgia had flipped.
    While eating breakfast, Pennsylvania flipped.
    I got in my truck and headed to my first customer.
    I made it to the freeway, and a live version of Marvin Gaye singing The Star Spangled Banner came on, and that's when the tears came.

  3. I'm a white woman and it would take the democrats offering a pro-life candidate for me to vote for them. I believe in speaking up for those who can't speak for themselves. I believe that if abortion is not wrong, nothing is. I didn't think I would like even being in the same room as Trump in 2016 but he was the one I believed would protect the unborn.
    I'm not convinced Trump has always thought abortion was wrong but I made my choice on what I thought he would DO in office. You are probably not convinced Biden has always thought having light kids go to school with dark kids was fine but I'm sure you voted for him for on how you feel he would make his calls now. I hope.

  4. The other white women I know that voted for Trump did so because of abortion and because they feel Trump will make it possible to run or start a business without being taxed out of any profit.

  5. and the less rich people listen to the craps from the silver spoon trump, ivanka, jr telling poor people that they are going to be rich beyond belief by voting trump.

  6. Have you considered that women who vote for Trump perceive him differently than you, or that their politics aren't the same as yours? At the end you say it must be racism. Here is why so many on the right despise libs, it's your moral superiority. This is what gives Trump his base. I am a progressive, and I am worried that such questions as "how could a woman ever vote for Trump" is really damaging.

  7. I agree with all the points you made about those women who voted for Trump and just want to add that I think internalised misogyny is common in women from lower SES and with less opportunities to develop critical thinking skills (I.e. a quality education).

  8. You people should be ashamed of yourselves!!! You vote for an incoherent, incompetent, crook who can't keep his hands off of kids and goes around sniffing people.
    You believe what you are told by news media who feeds you nothing but lies and help democrats hide their crimes !!! You … yes you people enable the "Deep State" that wants to destroy this country.
    Do to your lack of intelligence and your abundance of ignorance, you are traitors to America and the American people. When the storm that is coming shows its nasty intentions, you will most likely not make it through and will soon reap what you sow. Don't ask for help !!! You have betrayed this country. Shame on you !!!

  9. Well we the American people have been had. The Presidential election win was just a distraction for us, they took Congress. The have the Supreme Court. The Republicans are playing the long game and we better get our selves together or our Democracy is doomed.

  10. Y'all seem very one sided and partisan and seem to harbor a lot of hatred toward Republicans. But let me explain why Democrats didnt land slide. As much as this election was a repudiation of Trump's character, it was equally a repudiation of the rise of far leftism. People are tired of it. The slavery reparation talk, the Green New Deals, the rioting and burning down cities, violently attacking anyone suspected of not being Democrat, etc. I'm no fan of the Republican party but I'm even less a fan of the Democrats. And if it's a choice between moderate Republicans and far left Democrats, it's an easy choice. Maybe focus less on believing everyone who votes differently is evil and focus more on the evils of the party you seem to have pledged allegiance to. From what I can see, Republicans are the last buffer between us and the fascist far left.

  11. "We gave you white woman, we gave you hot black guy, we gave you successful white guy, what's it gonna take to get you to vote democrat"

    Maybe, just maybe, people dont give a flying fuck about gender, race or wealth, and actually care more about POLICY, and the see the far left policy as unhinged extremism.

  12. If we (meaning conservatives) keep the senate and continue to take the house. In 2 years we can have majority. These are 10 year seats btw. But, Congratulations on probably getting a really old rascist white guy who has been in politics for 47 years and the white house for 8 years who sold our jobs out of the country and has been wrong on every foriegn policy matter so far…back in the white house… Again. Yay for democrats! You put the establishment back in charge! I happen to be a white woman and i see politics…for policy. I am a single attractive 34yr old who pays ALL my own bills as a construction worker. When i go to work…i hear fossil fuels. Theres no solar powered excavator on the market. When I drive my car I'm driving on tires that came from fossil fuels. The clothes I wear, the shoes I run in the roof over my head and the contact lenses I put in my eyes. Yes, I want to slowly transition to a cleaner form of energy. but that doesn't change that 90% of the products you use are manufactured packaged and made with petroleum or fossil fuels. we are not technologically there yet and the only way to get there is through capitalism. (Elon musk is a good example) have you read the green new deal? there is no opportunity for capitalism and growth of economy especially when juxtaposed with open borders free healthcare free education and endless welfare. I think America could definitely get away with one of these policies or even a couple if you dumb them down a little bit. (Easier path to citizenship) but all together will drive our country to the ground. Joe Biden is a legit racist. like he really is… watch his speeches listen to his speeches. Trump actually has done good things for all Races and not just since he's been a president. 4 huge peace deals in middle east, too. He's been helping people way before running for president. And I promise you after he's president he will continue to help people. I wish the best for you young ladies but honestly you have been seriously lied to. Do research on both sides! But honestly i hope we can come together. Biden wont be able to do much anyways and im sure the less he screws up the better it will look. Hes just a run of the mill crooked politician. and I hate to say it because he's kind of a cute old man but he is definitely in a stage of dementia. (The kind of cute like your grandpa accidentally saying racist things cuz he doesn't know any better type of cute)
    Anyhow i HOPE im wrong. But if I'm right (spoiler: i am) we will be f*** in 10 years if Democrats keep control of the media and big Tech. I voted to stop the lies and reprogramming of our youth. I voted for seeing people for content of character and not bodies defined by genetics they cant change on a scale of "oppression" Trump just happened to be that vessel this time.
    PS yes i live in texas and have guns. Also its Austin tx. So basically your people here around me.

  13. I can't wait for Joe to sell us out more to China!

    I can't wait for Kamala to further divide with disgusting identity politics!

    I can't wait for the insanity of far left to gain ground!

  14. I think a lot of white religious women (especially in the South) think that they are condoning abortions by voting Democrat. (I'm a liberal white lady in Texas)
    "Right to Life" is a BIG issue in the South.

  15. As a poverty stricken white woman… ladies you are so correct! Loads of them are full on Trump stupid. There's only a few of us who aren't (at least in my area) and we're trying to educate our fellow poverty white gals but their minds are full on CLOSED!

  16. Women who vote for Trump, just like men, fell for his bullshit. They bought into the image he portrays. Or, they want what he wants. It's not complicated. Those who fell for it but got disillusioned voted for Biden. This happens in other countries, where there are clearly better candidates, but they vote for the worse candidates. His campaign also used Cambridge Analytica data, like they did in 2016 to win the election, to spread fear. There's a video about it–search for: "How Trump campaign targets millions of white voters – and activates fears over rioting"

  17. Ladies, absolutely entertaining and informative with a knowledgeable platform. I live in Kenai, Alaska who is tattooless and almost as far right conservative as one can be. I look forward to watching your analysis of the 2022 election reactions. Topics were interesting and enlightening, I feel like I am not listing as badly after watching your video. Thank you Ladies and Stay Classy.

  18. Great discussion. Where are you gettng that 55% of white chicks voted for Trump in 2020 data from.. exit polls? No offense. By this time in my life I seriously ask everyone for references on data, even Crooked Media.♥️ Ty

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