2020 Electoral Map | 1 Week Until the Election

2020 Electoral Map | 1 Week Until the Election

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► What are my ratings for my electoral maps (lean, likely, etc.)?
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  1. Nearly a 50% increase in hospital admissions due to covid over the last three weeks…. we are not turning the corner and Trump is done.

  2. the Nation wrote just before the 2008 election that NC would go Democratic. In their issue just after 2008 a Republican official in NC wrote a letter as to why the Nation was wrong. They were right.

  3. Please pay attention if you are voting absentee. Sign all the places you need to sign, get a witness if you need it, and use two envelopes if required. It is important to be nit- picky. Then drop your ballot in an official drop box.

  4. Even if Trump were to overturn it. He has to get 60 electoral votes away from Biden. Meaning he has to win Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and then either Florida or North Carolina. The likelihood of him winning 3 almost solid Democratic states, a likely Democrat state, and 1 to 2 leaning Democrat are so unlikely. I'm really only nervous if the election is close and Trump brings it to the courts like a jackass.

  5. I pray that this map is accurate. You seem very educated and I've been following your channel for a couple of months now so I pray you got this right. This anxiety over the next couple of weeks is going to be insane.

  6. Armchair election predictions from LTE, taking advice exclusively from 538's Nate Plastic. A man beholden to manufacturing polling for the MSM. Why don't you look at what is happening on the ground at rallies, the rise in gun sales, lowest viewership ever for the NBA, lack of interest in NFL and their merchandising, and all the other societal cues. Consider all the existing (biased in methodology) polling, closing gaps in recent days. Or perhaps inform viewers with your own modeling instead of peddling 538 trash. No mention of Trafalgar. Democrats are in denial for what is inevitable. It won't be a landslide but Biden will lose, including Pennsylvania.

  7. Not to vote first, but to have a good giggle, smile & laugh; then go & vote your favourite ones. Come back with giggle, smile & laugh !
    Then, read the news & giggle, smile and laugh !

  8. If you mailed a ballot…Return it back…The Supreme Court ruled that Ballots must Get to the ballot counting on November 3..RETURN UR BALLOT NOW
    And if you haven't Voted…Mail in ur Ballot Today..October 27
    Share this Everywhere

  9. This guy is biased to the dems. I hope he didnt give up his day job. Trumps up by 3 points in Ohio and this clown has them as light pink. He'll carry it by 7 points at the least. Pennsylvania is solid Trump as well, as is Wisconsin and Michigan.

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