2020 Election results won't be official for weeks in North Carolina

2020 Election results won't be official for weeks in North Carolina

Monday is the last day for South Carolina to vote early, while North Carolina prepares to open its polls on Election Day for those who haven’t already voted. And while many voters in both states have already cast a ballot, those results won’t become official for some time.

Expect election results to begin to show up between 8 p.m. and 9 p.m. on Election Day in North Carolina and South Carolina. The very first numbers coming in will be for in-person early voting and absentee mail-in ballots that were submitted and counted prior to Election Day. A few hours later, results will begin to be called, but keep in mind, those are only projections. Election results will not become official until both states have counted all absentee ballots and in-person votes and those counts are certified. That process could take several weeks. North Carolina, for example, will have until November 12 for absentee ballots to be received, as long as they’re postmarked by Tuesday, November 3.

On November 13, county board of elections officers will meet to certify all voting results at the local level. Then, on November 24, the State Board of Elections will certify all election results in North Carolina. In South Carolina, officials hope to be able to call races by Friday, November 6, but the results won’t become official until the state board of elections meets and certifies the results on November 10. #WakeUpCLT #ElectionDay #Vote


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