2020 Election Prediction | Theresa May vs Donald Trump

2020 Election Prediction | Theresa May vs Donald Trump

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  1. Your view of the Conservative party is spot on as they are around 50% democrat policies and 50% Republican when may was PM but Boris Johnson has moved the party to the right. But your view of Jeremy Corbyn is out of touch and I don’t think he would win any state in a US election as he is basically a communist and all Americans hate communism

  2. Could you do

    Alt. 2016 Election

    Hillary Clinton (D) vs. Mitt Romney (R) vs. Donald Trump (Independent) vs. Bernie Sanders (Independent, backed by Green Party)

  3. How bored have you got tbh 😂. Can we have a competitive race ? Not one where the person other than trump magically wins in a landslide ? I know the 2016 race hurt but at least a hint of reality please !

  4. Everyone saying Theresa May is a terrible PM, are Corbyn fanatics who don’t realise she is waaay better than Cameron was, and she’s made amazing progress on issues like the environment and decentralising from London

  5. You're wrong about the conservative party, they are NOT a socially liberal party. The gay marriage vote was forced through in parliament by the liberal democrats, who were a coalition partner of and conservative government. I was a free vote (one free of whips). The majority of conservatives voted against gay marriage , including May. In fact, were it not for the liberal democrats and labour, gay marriage would certainly still be illegal in the UK. Believe me, im from here, the conservatives while not as right wing as the republicans, are not socially liberal.

  6. I’m beginning to think you have some bias against trump as all I see is trump losing horrifically! I’m sure you aren’t taking into account the great work he’s done and only the MSM output of him

  7. No way Theresa May would win! She got hammered in the uk election and would do even worse at the us election and she probably wouldn’t even show up to the debates in the us elections because she’s that bad at debating! Trump would wipe the floor with her. Trump would win everything he did in 2016 and way more!

  8. Merkel vs. Trump. I guess that would be interesting, according to German politics she is a centrist but from the US perspective she would be a liberal. 😀 Or you could do Merkel vs. Andrea Nahles, she is the current leader of the German Social Democrats, but actually also quite centrist.

  9. Theresa May can mess up any election, she went from the highest approval rating in UK history then went below Trump in the span of 2 months, which was how long the election campaign was.

  10. Theresa May I think would fit into the Republican Party. The same bit where people like Chris Christie are. As I said on a previous video, the only reason people criticised her election campaign is because she ran it like a US presidential campaign. I think this would be an accurate prediction though I think many of them would be quite close (Georgia, Arizona, ME 2, NB 2, Florida and North Carolina).

  11. You should do the following videos:
    Obama vs. Donald Trump 2016 after 8 years of Hillary Clinton
    Hillary Clinton vs. George W. Bush 2000 after 8 years of Bill Clinton
    Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump 2016 (Hillary Clinton's VP Pick is from the rustbelt)
    Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump 2020 (Hillary Clinton was election in 2016)

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