2020 Election Prediction | Susan Collins vs Joe Manchin

2020 Election Prediction | Susan Collins vs Joe Manchin

Which of the party mavericks will win in a general election?

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  1. Susan Collins would win California and other liberal states, because she's a liberal while Joe Manchin is a very conservative Democrat. I can definitely see many liberal voters from California and northeastern states voting for Collins even though she's a Republican.

  2. NV may have a Republican Senator but how liked is he? also I feel that Manchin could win MI, PA and WI. He supports the middle class more than any senator also CO would probably go Manchin along with OH and FL.

  3. hmm… it's a tough one. Susan Collins isn't bad for a republican and Joe Manchin is really bad for a democrat. They both suck on economic issues but I think Susan Collins is a bit better on social issues. I also would be pissed at the dems for nominating such a lousy candidate and I could show show some home state loyalty by electing Maine's first president.

  4. Manchin is really liked in tge South. I really think that this map will be an inversed 2012 map or something like that. I believe that liberal voters prefer Collins above Manchin, while southeners would rather see Manchin.

  5. Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin went Republican on a Fluke with all three going to Trump on less than 1% edge and with all the strong anti republican ads and candidates being ran coupled with the pro Dem movement going on there, they're definitely flipping

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