2020 Election Prediction | Pete Buttigieg vs Donald Trump | November 30th, 2019

2020 Election Prediction | Pete Buttigieg vs Donald Trump | November 30th, 2019

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  1. Butt-Itches doesn't have a chance… especially when he won't even get the nomination in the first place. America will never vote for a flaming homosexual activist as POTUS.

  2. No way in the world conservative neoliberal Buttigieg wins WI/MI/PA without the black vote, which I predict will be down further in counties such as Philadelphia/Allegheny (PA), Wayne/Ingham (MI), as well as Milwaukee/Racine/Dane Counties (WI) regardless of the Dem nominee; with a right-wing Democrat such as Buttigieg as the nominee, you can bank on Trump's re-election.

    Buttigieg already has a dubious record with African-Americans as mayor of South Bend, IN (policing and gentrification controversies) blatantly lied about having the support of 400 Black elected officials in SC, and you honestly think he can win the election minus heavy black turnout in the Industrial Midwest? 🤣🤣🤣🤦🏿‍♂️

    Keep dreaming.

    Guess the Democrats are going to have to learn AGAIN not to mess with the Black vote, which is the Alpha and the Omega of Democratic Party politics and elections. You win NO presidential election without us! #noblackagendanoblackvote

  3. Lol; this isn't an election prediction video; this is an election "wishful thinking" video. Totally discounting the economy and jobs added and the people are just going to give it over to a Mayor from Indiana.

  4. Pete Booty-judge, will definitely lose the General!

    He’s a robot sent forward in time from the political Stone Age (1992) to lose the election and secure Skynet’s victory!

  5. i pop in once every few months to see if this dude has got a clue yet, still no maybe he should look at rally sizes that was a good
    indicator in 2016 and it aint close again

  6. So you admit Pete doesn't appeal to black voters much, yet they are huge blocks in major cities like Philly, Milwaukee, and Detriot, the very cities needed to flip PA, WI, and MI back to the dems. Not to mention the large black pop in Omaha that could affect that district as well or in Mpls which could change how MN goes, Trump barely lost there, 1.5% roughly. If blacks don't turn out in large numbers or if Trump gains even a few more percentage points among them, he carries the day like in 2016. You really fail to realize how strong the black church's stance against homosexuality is, and how pervasive in general it is in the black community as a whole. All in all, pete could win back Maine's 2nd district and lose MN, PA, WI, and MI. You really need to do a better job thinking thru your predictions critically and taking into acct the dem candidates' flaws as well as Trump's!

  7. I can really only see Tulsi Gabbard or Andrew Yang beating Trump to be fair.
    Everyone else in the democratic line up will lose. Biden, Warren and Sanders are too far to the left. Most of the people dont want Pete in office. Kamala Harris and Cory Booker would do alright but still wouldn't win. Then the rest are just pointless

  8. Democrats won't win the rust belt. Not with the Green New Deal. Let's put that myth to rest right here. We're in primary season right now. As soon as the issues start to really matter and desire for impeachment begins to fizzle (and it has been), Trump's likelihood of re-election will only progressively increase.

  9. you’re telling me the trump will lose Michigan😂😂 he brought back so many jobs after what Democrats did to them you do this in the 2016 election and you got dubunked by he results youu are fake news

  10. Buttigieg will win Iowa, and maybe Florida and Arizona. The first two are states with aged populations which presently make up half his base, and Arizona’s becoming increasingly unpredictable in election cycles.

  11. Pete / Stacey will win FL, GA, NC and Texas. Pete would win Iowa anyway.
    In the FL governors race Gillum had the edge until he constantly played the race card in the last days and accused his opponent right on the debate stage of being in with the KKK. He blew it. Pete and Stacey would never do that baiting. They can definitely win FL and if Beto came within 3% then they as a team could pull in Texas. 1,000 new people a day move into Texas. Same for Florida. They lean democratic. 900 a day to AZ.

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