2020 Election Prediction | Mike Pence vs Elizabeth Warren

2020 Election Prediction | Mike Pence vs Elizabeth Warren

Please watch: “2020 Election Night | Confederate States of America”

2020 Election Night | Confederate States of America


With Mike Pence taking over as President after Trump’s resignation, will this help Warren overcome a strong conservative incumbent?

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  1. Pence's strength has always been with evangelical Republicans. He helped Trump win by convincing Midwestern evangelicals soured on Cruz's loss that Trump would advance socially conservative interests. That created the winning evangelical and white working class coalition, which benefited from depressed Democratic base turnout.

    Warren will energize the Dem base much more than Hillary did. She has a lot of work to do to reach black voters, but Obama's endorsement in the general would get her there. And her refusal to take big Wall Street / Silicon Valley donations will play well with the working class.

    Pence's best shot at victory is convincing right-leaning suburban voters who voted blue in the midterms out of disgust with Trump that Warren's policies are radical socialism that would bankrupt the economy. Even if those voters aren't evangelicals like Pence, they'll see him as a steady "back to normal" candidate instead a "disruptive change" president.

    A Warren-Pence matchup could put the Rust Belt within recount margins

  2. I disagree. Mike Pence is extremely radical, much more than Trump. He's not going to win any election, not even against a terrible Democrat candidate.

  3. Florida safe Republican? It hasn't been safe Republican at any recent election, why would it be safe for Trump's VP when Trump only won it narrowly? Florida is surely a swing state no matter who the nominees are for either party?

  4. Elizabeth warren would win the entire rust belt because of here economic stances against free trade and pro union. She might also win coal country because she is very much similar to sanders in how he would help the coal workers get better jobs and help them not just leave them in the dust. I feel like since she is a progressive that shed also excite people in maine's 2nd congressional district.

  5. you know for trump i agree with the map and logic 100% but pence is to anti union to pro big business to win wisky, mich and pa. im gonna guess you are not from the rust belt

  6. Ok, I'm starting to like you, your casual but professional style is really cool and I like your analysis. I'm a political person myself so of course have an opinion.

    In my view the most likely scenario here is that President Trump was impeached. That right there seals the fate of Pence. Being his VP and latched so closely hat damages his brand too.

    In terms of policy, the country is going to be looking for some one who is honest and who they can relate too if impeachment was the cause as well as jobs. Pence being related to the man who still lost the "who do I feel most comfortable around" question in 2016 isn't helping him.

    Then more on policy, Pence is to conservative. The country itself is anywhere from center right to more left wing based on polling of the issues. They favor universal healthcare and education, gay marriage, abortion, gun safety etc. The Vice President is going against the grain here. Warren is cut from a similar cloth than that of Sanders.

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