2020 Election Prediction | Michelle Obama vs Donald Trump

2020 Election Prediction | Michelle Obama vs Donald Trump

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  1. Everything going against Republicans in Florida? Now at the August – it seems the Republicans are ready to crush the Democrats in November 2018. Of course November 2020 different matter. Tell me how the economy is doing and I will tell you who wins.

  2. Michelle with 334 electoral votes over an incumbent? That's a good butt kicking for the leggy Michelle. Of course we know if Michelle wins it's only a step forward for Barack Obama to become the nation's first dictator. Once he gets in again he's not leaving until he passes on.

  3. I really, really hate the idea of a political dynasty. Bushes, Clintons… I don't have any particular problem with what the Kennedys stand for, but I don't need anymore Kennedys.
    I also don't think she'd pull these numbers just based on her name.

  4. Dude. You have to stop coloring the Rust Belt states as blue. Polls, as was seen in the 2016 election, are completely unreliable. Now, the reason you can't color the rust belt as blue states like you are doing here is because that's implying Trump is such an idiot that he won't know to appeal to those voters in the rust belt like he did in 2016. The truth about the rust belt is that its cities are dying, while its rural communities are growing. That's the recipe for republican-soup. Same with New Hampshire, and I imagine, as the the rust belt shrinks and the sun belt grows, we will start to see a clear red/blue divide between sun belt and non sun belt states. Hell, we've already started to see that with Texas and Arizona's margins of victory being lower than expected for Trump.

  5. Another dem slanted prediction. Moochelle has no rustbelt appeal, southwestern appeal, or the energy to win NC (a swing state with conservative roots). NV, NC, NH, WI, PA, and MI or MN goes red

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