2020 Election Prediction | Mark Zuckerberg vs Donald Trump

2020 Election Prediction | Mark Zuckerberg vs Donald Trump

Please watch: “2020 Election Night | Confederate States of America”

2020 Election Night | Confederate States of America


Can the creator of Facebook overcome all odds to beat Donald Trump?



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  1. You do not know shit kid, your voice is of a teenager, Trump will not beat mark zuckerberg, first year trump has not passed any law and will not be able to do what he said, mark zuckerberg has more power than trump to connect to people

  2. Hey buddy, Zuckerberg is the 5th wealthiest person in the world right now at $70 billion. He may be richest in the world by the end of the year, depending on the growth of facebook's stock price. 45 is only would a couple billion and not even in the top 100 world's richest people.

  3. New Mexico will solidly win blue because it's more liberal and the most liberal cities in the state is the States Capital Santa Fe and Albuquerque as well also majorly the whole New Mexico population is mostly liberal

  4. Mark Zuckerberg: What does all that money do to the uber-wealthy brain?  Obviously, it buys a lot of IQ inflating  kiss ass which warps their view of themselves.  Marky thinks everything would be wonderful if only he were in charge. This is the rationalization of all delusional despots.

  5. Can u actually make some videos based on if he does keep his promises,because I definitely think he will follow through with a lot of them,more than expected.

  6. I would say Colorado would vote for Zukerburg. If he sees that he can't appeal to minorities he's gonna pick someone I believe who can. Also if Trump cracks down harder on immigrants and hispanics Colorado will be even further pushed away from him. Millineals also are going to be a big source of votes for Zukerburg and he's the right candidate to get them out enough thus giving him Colorado and thus the election.

  7. Here's an interesting idea. Say both the republicans and democrats get hammered with scandals between now and 2020, causing both parties to go out of favor. Thus the election is Johnson (L) vs Stein (G) Vs Cruz (TEA) Vs Pelosi (D). Cruz mostly holds Missouri and Alabama, the Democrats become a minor party, mainly just stealing votes from the Greens. The West coast becomes a green stronghold, and the rural farmland goes to Gary (+Ohio, Florida). The rest of the country is a toss up between the Libs and the Greens.

  8. I think Zuckerberg would get destroyed by Donald Trump. People would think he's way too young, and that he doesn't have the experience required to be leader of America. He would only really appeal to millenials and anti-Trumpers, and outside of those circles, I don't see him getting much more strong support. Even if Trump isn't a good president, I don't see Zuckerberg doing better than Hillary Clinton.

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