2020 Election Prediction | John Kasich vs Bernie Sanders vs Donald Trump

2020 Election Prediction | John Kasich vs Bernie Sanders vs Donald Trump

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  1. Kasich could maybe take away some from the dem coalition, but considering that Bernie draws huge support and turnout from the hard left leaning groups of the party, I feel like this would be less an issue for him. Besides, Kasich would take much more from the republicans than the dems anyway.

  2. Bernie can't run because the DNC changed its rules to keep a so-called outsider like Bernie from running. Plus he will be almost a decade older than Trump when he first ran. That is a severe disadvantage for Bernie because even if he did run and win he might not have the energy to run for a second term.

    Playing Devil's advocate, but this country is probably screwed if Bernie wins. The biggest problem facing America is an over expansive federal government that Bernie and his ilk want to dramatically expand. Hell at that point this country would be at the point of no return and would support my state seceding from the country.

  3. Yes, Kasich is generally considered a centrist, but he is still a Republican and aligns a bit more with conservatives than with liberals. There'd still be significantly more vote splitting among his own party than among the Democratic Party. Considering both vote splitting and Bernie's popularity, states like MO, IN, UT, MT, AK, and TX have a genuine possibility of flipping (i.e., they might become tossup states in this scenario), and other states would become much more competitive but would probably still go to a Republican (states like KY, KS, and SC, for instance).

  4. Ignoring how democratically biased your videos are, this is completely ignoring the fact that Trump would demolish Bernie in debates. It would be a slaughter. Trump is too quick witted for old man Bernie to attempt to articulate a thought. A moderate Democrat however, could stand a very good shot and winning with Kasich in the fold.

  5. Every political "genius" yapping here about how "moderate" Kasich is has literally zero idea about the policies he supports!
    He's EXACTLY like Paul Ryan … he just goes on MSNBC & cries about Trump more!
    But literally same policies!
    Idiots & ignorant fools think he's some sort of a "moderate"… sure he's not a crazy rightwinger like almost every other Republican now but he's no "moderate"!
    Is George Bush now considered a "moderate" too??

  6. Traitor trump is the gift that keeps on giving to the democrats, as unpopular as he is and the stupid stuff he says, it won't be a blue wave it will be at ocean. That's why we shouldn't impeach him, he's the very definition of idiot.

  7. You can't say john Kasich is in the video when he doesn't win states that he clearly would win… he would definitely win Ohio, North Dakota, Montana, Oklahoma, Utah, and West Virginia, Missouri, Tennessee, south Carolina, South Dakota, Wyoming, Idaho, New Mexico, Kentucky, Kansas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Georgia, Arizona, North Carolina, Iowa and a few more of Bernie sanders tilt, lean, and battleground states would be very close and some would be Jon Kasichs because he has a more modest conservative ideology, he is compared to trump. You can't call trump a centre right or right wing politician, he is a far right politician, and he would be struck down by Kasich here, because Jon is more moderate and closer to the centre right, he will havemore appeal for the centralist and the few liberals that do not agree with Bernie's ideologies, this shows that job Kasich has a much wider voter base than either Bernie or Trump, so I believe this is your least accurate video in terms of mitigating factors that you have

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