2020 Election Prediction | John Kasich (D) vs Donald Trump (R)

2020 Election Prediction | John Kasich (D) vs Donald Trump (R)

Could John Kasich turn the tides against the POTUS?

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  1. Kasich wouldn’t win. He would represent the Centrist and Conservative part of the Democratic Party but not the major bases such as the Progressives, Working Class And Millennials.

  2. 5:50 Kasich BARELY won the Ohio primary. 47% to 36% (when rounded) and this clown acts like he won the whole damn election. This and his recent temper tantrums on the Sunday Morning Squakboxes  just prove what I've been saying the whole time: he's the political equivalent of nice guy syndrome. As much as he'll wring his hands about how uncivil politics is, he's the slimiest sore loser in history. If he pulls this, and runs as a Democrat, I don't want to hear a goddamn peep about Ted Cruz being the poster boy for spoilsport cuckservitives.

  3. Please do Johnson vs Stein (by having Trump and Clinton as small candidates), and can you please put your Election Nights templates available for download

  4. Kasich would be an Independent, if he Ran for President it would be a virtually Guaranteed win for the Democrat candidate because of high Vote Splitting. Georgia, Montana, Texas, Alaska, Indiana, North Carolina and Tennessee usually safe Republican States would go for the Democrat due to the Conservatives and moderate Republicans deciding their Votes (Arizona isn’t really a safe Republican State anymore because Shifting Demographics and Rapid Growth of Urban areas I’d consider it a Swing State)

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