2020 Election Prediction | Jeremy Corbyn vs Donald Trump

2020 Election Prediction | Jeremy Corbyn vs Donald Trump

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  1. No way Trump would lose the 2020 election while winning a state he lost in 2016, which is Nevada. If he flips a 2016 Democratic state in 2020, he’s gonna win in 2020.

  2. Corbyn is like Bernie Sanders on steriods, he would ANNIHILIATE Trump. He'd pretty much take every state Obama won in 2012, plus West Virginia, Kentucky, Indiana, Missouri, North Carolina, Georgia, Arizona, Montana and perhaps even North Dakota

  3. Americans are too afraid of the left that their left is European Centrism. Results of the terrible Cold War. If you think Bernie Sanders or in this case Jeremy Corbyn(from Europe) are communist then all democracies in Europe governed by Socialists like Corbyn would be like Soviet Union, but the thing is we have only a better and more equal public health system.

  4. Coming from someone in Britain, Corbyn would get demolished in an American style election. HIs ideals and principals are in direct conflict to that of moderate swing voting Americans, to the point that I wouldn't be surprised if a state like Oregon flipped.

  5. Maine and Nebraska have always allowed for splitting their electoral votes, but they never did it before the 2000's. Obama made Nebraska split for the first time and Trump made Maine split for the first time

  6. Nevada would go to Corbyn because of his anti-war stance and his approach to guns. Given the Las Vegas shooting, I reckon they'd vote him in

  7. All of y’all saying Corbin couldn’t win are just like the media in the UK saying he couldn’t make gains for the Labour Party even tho he did. He is a democratic socialist who has really good ideas if you would just let him put some into action without labeling him a communist (which he is not) you could see the quality of life of the average American go up. He works for the many not the few

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  9. Corbyn is basically a Bernie Sanders. I don’t think this would help him in the rust belt (as he wants to put taxes up) and the Deep South as the white working class here in the UK hate his polices. The only reason he won more seats was because parts of the middle class didn’t really like May. He defiantly aligns himself with the wrong people (look up Diane Abbot) and says stupid things that he usually ends up regretting.

  10. I am an activist for the Labour Party in the U.K. and I can tell you Corbyn is a poor campaigner and Trump would win without a doubt. Also Corbyns anti nuclear weapons rhetoric in the past would cost him heavily on the US.

  11. Corbyn isn't massively to the left of Sanders. I guess on some issues, eg military issues, he is more against wars than Sanders, who whilst he says the US needs to spend money at home and he condemned the Iraq and Afghan wars hasn't opposed wars in general. That's about it. On economics the two are not that different. Labour has policies to renationalise former publicly-owned utilities which are not being promoted by Sanders, but in most other regards they are not too different.

    If Sanders could run a competitive national campaign on the Dem side and not be demonised, I don't really see why Corbyn couldn't win a fair chunk of states in a contest like this.

  12. I'm not sure I agree with this. Corbyn would destroy Trump in the British context, but in the American one? As soon as quotes from Corbyn's past where he has supported nuclear disarmament emerge and get drummed out on FOX a few thousand times, I would think he would struggle to win. Although on Trump's current popularity he might have a chance.

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