2020 Election Prediction | Elizabeth Warren vs Mitt Romney | DISCORD

2020 Election Prediction | Elizabeth Warren vs Mitt Romney | DISCORD

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  1. I disagree. Warren would definitely win the election. Trump supporters hate Romney and many of them would not support him. He's a very weak candidate.

  2. I think the times have really changed. 5 years ago i would agree with your anaysis but these days an ultra establishment candidate like romney wouldnt stand a chance in a gerneral election.

  3. Ok typically I agree with a lot of your calls but this one I don’t agree. For one, Mitt Romney just isn’t liked, but also he wouldn’t take NV or any of the Rust belt. Also VA is going blue, they don’t like Romney

  4. This is way off base. Trump's most devoted voters will not back an Establishment Republican who happens to be a Mormon after what would be a terribly brutal Romney v Trump primary or an impeachment. They would boycott the election en masse, or vote for a MAGA-Tea Party ticket. Warren may coast to victory.

  5. Warren would crush Romney in the rust belt, and easily carry Iowa, Virginia, Nevada, and Colorado. I can understand why you'd think Florida would be red because it's so close all the time, but the other states are solid blue. Trump won the Midwest because he had a populist message, but so does Warren. Romney represents the establishment, so him carrying Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin over Warren is inconceivable. 80,000 votes is what separated Trump and Hillary amongst three states: Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. I don't understand why you keep thinking Republicans can now easily win these states. The issue in 2016 was low turnout amongst democrat voters who either didn't like Hillary, or just didn't show up to vote. And Virginia is a blue state. There's absolutely no way Romney carries it.

  6. As a conservative that wants Trump gone (I want Kasich), I hope that Warren is the nominee. She'd either lose to Trump or be a one-term President. The latter scenario would happen because many would vote for her just to get the orange clown out of the oval office, but then would vote against her in 2024 because of how far-left and hyper partisan she is.

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