2020 Election Prediction | Doug Jones vs Donald Trump

2020 Election Prediction | Doug Jones vs Donald Trump

Could the rising Alabama star overcome Donald Trump in a general election?

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  1. I don't think this is very realistic. Trump was very, very unpopular when he was elected and he is even more unpopular now. The only reason he was able to win was that the same was true for Clinton, who was the most unpopular presidential candidate ever after Trump.

    Jones would be seen a lot more favourable than Clinton by the working class in the Rust Belt, simply because they have nothing to hate him over, and given the small margins that almost automatically means he wins the Rust Belt, especially were to select a running mate from the North. I think the same could be said of Iowa, which swings very easily from one side to the other, so Trump's big victory last year doesn't really mean anything here. I don't see him overcoming the comparable margin in Ohio though, but I think he will be able to close the gap a little. The same goes for West Virigina, a conservative democratic state, which might view Jones more favourable than Obama. I could also see him do well amoung the southern states of Arkansas and Louisiana, given the fact that he is from the South and both Trump and Pence are from the North, but I don't think he can fully overcome the 20+ margins of last election.

    Jones would also do very well with African Americans, mainly for succesfully prosecuting two KKK members who had thusfar managed to escape prosecution. This would in my mind put him over the top in states like Georgia, Florida, Virginia and North Carolina, as well as in Nebraska's 2nd district. Given the changing demographics and Trump's low approval ratings, I also think he should be able to carry Arizona. Lastly I think he would narrowly carry his home state, given the fact that there has never been a president from Alabama. I think they would in this case support their senator.

    That puts Jones at 361 and Trump at 177

  2. I think you should do an updated video of the Alabama senate election, things from your previous predictions could be off, different events, and obvious poll changes that shows a tight race.

  3. I always think its the Clinton emails that why she lost the rust belt, since Clinton is out of the way, theres a higher chance of dems winning back the rustbelt

  4. Especially if he's a conservative Democrat he would win. The South usually goes crazy for conservative Democrats and not people from the far left like Warren or Pelosi. Use bill Clinton as an example

  5. Jones could win the Rust Belt, since he does come from a working-class family, and he'll probably win NC, and maybe GA, because of his Southern appeal; he could potentially spike minority turnout. And I'd say he'd win NH and VA, VA because it's in the south, and NH because of "drug-infested den," plus the fact that Clinton won it. Anyway, are you going live tonight? And you should do a Roy Moore vs. Doug Jones presidential video!

  6. If Jones keeps National Democrats away from his campaign and continues to flip Republican voters he’ll win the senate Race and I think the South would be very competitive because every time a Southern is the nominee that nominee the Sweeps the South look at Bill Clinton’s 2 elections and Jimmy Carter

  7. I disagree, doug Jones would carry Georgia, Florida, and those states with white middle class, Doug Jones appeals better to the moderates than Hillary Clinton and he is also the one who convicted the criminals who killed the four girls at the Southern church, which would help him with the minorities, he would outperform Hillary Clinton by the fact that he's more of a stronger Candidate since he doesn't have any scandals

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