2020 Election Prediction | Biden/Sanders vs Trump/Pence

2020 Election Prediction | Biden/Sanders vs Trump/Pence


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  1. Even the thought of this scares me. This screams higher taxes, no borders, pop guns for the military and an official name change from uncle Sam to comrade Boris… Thanks bernie

  2. Do you have facts or polls to back up these claims? Or do you just talk out of your ass and assign victories and defeats based on electorate/ your imagination? I never hear you quote an actual poll or statistic, you just say “so and so is unpopular, I can see this seat flipping…. the resistance movement is so strong here, you can expect this state to flip back to this party or that party,” this is why I unfollowed you. You just seem to color in states based on your imagination.

  3. Can you do a video of an election but counting the us territories in the vote (yes I know none of the territories have electoral votes but I think you can make them up according to there population)

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