2020 Election Prediction | Beto O'Rourke vs Donald Trump | February 24th, 2019

2020 Election Prediction | Beto O'Rourke vs Donald Trump | February 24th, 2019

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  1. Montana and West Virginia both have democratic senators but they aren’t going to go for Democrats in a presidential election anytime soon. Same story for Texas.

  2. Beto can't win in Texas. That's a big deal. He currently isn't even in Congress. He literally has no job. I think there are better choices out there like Bernie.

  3. Let'sTalkElections, Did you see the 538 article on Morning Consult Poll Bernie, Biden 2nd choices? Bernie is picking up Biden voters. Wake up. Your "lane" analysis is wrong.

  4. I'm a 6th generation Texan. Our biggest defect is we're obsessed with being Texans. If a Texan is the Democratic nominee, only the most extreme rightwingers will vote for Trump – a New Yorker. Beto would carry Texas.

  5. Your talking with your arse!!! This is way off…lol…lol…just like the predictions in 2016 were off….way off!!!!

  6. from what i've seen from all kinds of these videos with different candidates vs. trump…….. if you took trump's electoral map, almost all projections have michigan and wisconsin going back to D (no-brainer to me), penn switching to D (and with those 3 states, D's win). only other 2 states i've seen change on any map were arizona and iowa (both D pickups). and Texas, special case with Beto.

  7. Trump would take PA. Wolf and Casey won due to their popularity, and the redistricting was supposed to give Democrats a majority in the Congressional Delegation, but it didn't, they only picked up 3 instead of the anticipated 5 to 7, making it 9-9. Arizona to Beto? Never.

  8. wait after all the controversy with VAs top 3 offices its still blue, thats kind of bs that states gonna flip they have their top 3 offices under serious controversy this is not going to go away bc they are dems

  9. Oh my God again with your bullshit!! BETO O'ROURKE!?!? That dude is nothing but a fucking clown! And you predict he will be at 278 before Florida and Texas are taken??? I swear to the lord above you're the most brain dead human being on earth. Trump would win in a LANDSLIDE over Beto. You're a complete tool!

  10. I'm not sure what's worse; Beto losing to Trump (most likely scenario imho) or Beto winning and validating all the shit the DNC and establishment Democrats have been pulling for another 4-8 years

  11. Personally trumps approval as of a week ago hit a 51 so I m damn near sure if he couldn’t beat Cruz (hell of a job and got close) he couldn’t be trump it’s like saying you can’t beat the first level of Mario but you can beat world 8 bullshit it’s harder

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