2020 Election Prediction | Bernie Sanders vs Donald Trump | September 2nd, 2018

2020 Election Prediction | Bernie Sanders vs Donald Trump | September 2nd, 2018

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  1. trump is definitely gonna take mains first district, iowa, ohio, wisconsin and probably michigan and maybe pennsylvania. Florida beeing third party? what the hell. thats going for trump how bernie sanders praised the cuban government. florida is trump not bernie. Also all of nebraska is going for trump

  2. I think you’re just parroting the mainstream news media Donald Trump‘s approval rating is extremely high people love him he would win in a landslide against anyone especially the Bernie Brose Burnece let his voters down he sold out People are not going to forget that

  3. How is Bernie Sanders the most popular politician in the country? I think I know two people who like him and they are both under 21. Maybe he's popular in the college circuit, but the working class I know (my plant is VERY large) all love Donald Trump. Even outside of work, everyone I know likes Trump. Trump is the one that CNN and MSNBC blast non-stop. They talk more about how much he gets on their nerves than how much they like Sanders.

  4. Hopefully your prediction turns out to be true and Bernie wins if he gets nominated that is. If Biden runs it will be hard for him to get the nomination b ecause Biden will be hard to beat.

  5. I love Bernie I would vote for him again and again in every election BUT I don't think he will run in 2020 for starters. Second I think America is just too fucking stupid on average, JUST TOO FUCKING STUPID (don't at me cus I don't care what you think. PS You sicken me.) so I think whoever runs in 2020 against Trump that TRUMP WILL WIN. I am to the far pessimist of pessimists. I think no matter what he does Trump gets 8 years. That includes dropping nukes on anything. He'll get reelected FOR SURE. This country is so fucking divide and that divide won't go away in the coming years, it will get worse and I think civil war is 'pretty likely' but if that would happen during Trump's presidency or after I'm not sure.

  6. Aren't you the same person who claimed Hilllary Clinton would have a landslide victory in 2016 then deleted your video when President Trump swept the floor with her face? Sanders won't be President in 2020, he probably won't make it and he wants a communist nation. People don't want that. The silent majority want a great republic where we can thrive and be happy, not to be enslaved by the Democratic party.

  7. I like the idea of these videos, but the in the few I’ve seen the narrator always sounds particularly rude towards Sec Clinton…saying things like “However she was a very bad candidate” or “Clinton was a uniquely unpopular person”, which is kind of an odd statement to make when she won the popular vote by 3 million and narrowly lost the Michigan/Wisconsin/PA belt. Reminds me of Bernie Bros posts in 2016.

  8. Whatever you guys are smoking please pass it my way cause Bernie, Biden, Oprah, or that hot little crazy ass chick from NY are going to get crushed in 2020 UNLESS the economy really tanks and soon. Cause we dont want socialism, a million refugees coming a year, and fat pink haired SJWs of unknown genders executing white males with immunity.

  9. How did this leftist drivel get on my suggestions?
    YouTube thinks they're slick, but sooner or later this is going to backfire.
    Think I'll go watch some democrat freak outs from 2016 just for the lulz.

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