2020 Election Prediction | Bernie Sanders vs Donald Trump | November 18th, 2018

2020 Election Prediction | Bernie Sanders vs Donald Trump | November 18th, 2018

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  1. Do I still think it's way too early to tell who will be the Democratic nominee in 2020? Yes. But Bernie addresses a lot of issues that people are concerned about (health care, education, climate change, etc.), so it very well might be him.

  2. Im from iowa and this is how it is if you live in city about 70-80% are dem if you live in average town or small town or country about 85-95% are rep and iowa is a farm state so most people are the rep option

  3. Its really laughable how Trump supporters do not see this as a blue wave just because of the 2 senate gains. Why arent they talking about the governor and state legislatures that flipped to blue?

  4. You mean these progressive that got closer than any corporate Dem in those heavily conservative safe states and ran them close? Thats a point of your on the right track, not, it didn't work give up.

  5. It would most likely be a Bernie victory since he does good in the Midwest and trump would probably lose Florida. The only way trump wins is if the dems run Hillary again or biden

  6. If sanders is the nominee: Texas, Florida 100% go blue. He undercuts trumps entire populist appeal, which is the only real trump won to begin with. Except sanders is better at it.
    You shouldn’t consider primary data in 2016 as accurate reflections on what would occur. It occurred in the way it did because he had 0 name recognition.

  7. Bernie/Warren or Bernie/Nina Turner would hammer Trump in 2020. It’d be a joy to watch.
    The problem is the Dems would rather lose to a Republican than win with a progressive.

  8. Bernie has been campaigning since 2015 for president and never stopped. If he can win the primary from the democrats (who will try to screw him over), he will do a 1980 Reagan win in the general election against Trump.

  9. Please start doing some international politics and elections. We have 2 years till then. Be great to introduce some new things to the channel.

    Nations like 🇨🇦, 🇮🇳, 🇯🇵, 🇦🇺, 🇪🇺 will be having their National Elections in 2019. Also, they has been a ton of recent issues with UK Brexit, including the possibility of 🇬🇧 Prime Minister Tressa May possibly having to resign or face a no confidence vote in the British Parliament.

  10. Where is the Scott/DeSantis vs. Nelson/Gillum analysis
    Btw 18% of Black Women voted for Ron DeSantis. WSJ says this is due to his position on School Choice.

  11. Bernie Sanders will be 79 in November of 2020 — SEVENTY-NINE. The last time the Democrats elected a candidate over 60, straight out of the box, was in 1828. The Ds elect younger candidates. Obama was 47. Clinton, 46, Carter 52, Kennedy 43, FDR 51. For comparison, the youngest R elected post-WWII was GW Bush who was 54. Ds elect younger candidates. Rs elect older candidates.

    Then there's a rather good chance that Trump won't seek re-election. Yes, I know he already has a re-election committee set up. So did LBJ when he decided not to run. If Trump looks at the numbers realistically — and that would be in his favor, so he will – he will realize that he can't win re-election. Worse that quitting the race in Dotard's eyes would be losing.

    Now, if you want a candidate…no one is paying attention to Tulsi Gabbard. Yeah, she's young, but she's smart as a whip.

  12. If you knew anything about politics right now he’s third party now. He defiantly doesn’t like the democrats that much lol. They fucked him over. So basically he’s gonna steal votes from Dems and Donald will win again lol

  13. you might need to eventually re-think North Carolina. Especially, since lines are going to be redrawn also, because of gerrymandering there. And it has also gone democractic most of the time in the past. I think Bernie will carry North Carolina.

  14. Trump will be reelected by a landslide, the democrats will whine and cry, and it will be just like 2016 all over again. No way a phony socialist, a wash out and a has been like Bernie Sanders, who is a multimillionaire due to his public service can win.

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