2020 Election Prediction | Ben Sasse vs Donald Trump vs Joe Biden

2020 Election Prediction | Ben Sasse vs Donald Trump vs Joe Biden

If Republicans wanted Ben Sasse to run as a conservative, how would that effect Biden v Trump?

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  1. Nope Mississippi, would go Blue when black people are 40% of the population Sasse, would split and MS would go blue. Same with Alabama,South Carolina, and Louisiana, not TN, LA, AR, KY, or WV which I think would still go Trump.

  2. CSA
    Bill Nelson (D) vs. Mike Huckabee (R)

    Also, notification squad.

    Also, if the CSA won the election, the anti-slavery Republicans would probably not survive the war, the dems might end up progressive, but the GOP should probably have a different name.
    Maybe go back to the Whigs, or become like the 
    "Christian Liberty Party" or the "Heritage Party"

  3. I don;t get why in the world does anyone think Biden is going to run? He had his chance in 2016 and said no. Is everyone forgetting how ancient this guy is? He ran for President in 1988 that will be 32 years before the next election.

  4. 2 Suggestions:

    2020 Election Prediction | Donald Trump vs. Roy Cooper

    2020 Election Prediction | Republican Primary | Donald Trump vs. Carly Fiorina vs. Ben Sasse

  5. A comment on the CSA videos: Confederate elections were supposed to be 6 years to a term if they had won. Just pointing that out, and maybe in your scenario that was changed

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