2020 Election Night | Tulsi Gabbard vs Donald Trump

2020 Election Night | Tulsi Gabbard vs Donald Trump

In the 2020 General Election, would Tulsi Gabbard overcome Donald Trump?

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  1. If this is the case, I hope the Republicans gerrymander the living shit out the swing states. I would rather have Trump for another term than Bashar Assad's bitch (Gabbard a.k.a Terrorist Tulsi).

  2. Tulsi Garbard es actualmente una de las mejores congresista s en el senado sin lugar a dudas y la lanzan como la próxima candidata a la presidencia sin duda será la primera mujer presidente de esta nación está senadora es una mujer muy preparada. Y muy respetada en el congreso en mi opinión tulsi gabbard obtendría sobre 400 votos electorales yo diría que gana Arizona y Ohio y Georgia también y cuidado si gana también texas

  3. Tulsi should prepare herself in support of her candidature.Lot of issues still remained incomplete.i.e US china trade war,US china strategic relation,US Russia relation,Pakistan issue,Terrorism,US India special relation, Afghanistan issue, Iran issue newly created complications on EU,US economic policy,Africa policy etc.Tulsi should concentrate on those issues with clear views so that there are win win chemistry for all.Tulsi has tremendous capacity but still not well coordinated. Still she will be the best candidate for US president ship.Definitely someday she will be the president of US.

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