2020 Election Night | Tulsi Gabbard vs Donald Trump

2020 Election Night | Tulsi Gabbard vs Donald Trump

2020 Presidential Election
Can Tulsi Gabbard, a Bernie Sanders in woman form, overcome Donald Trump?

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  1. I'm an independent, love Tulsi! A little Conservative on social issues. Liberal on economic issues. A war vet! Perfect in my eyes! Beautiful inside and out. Protect the US while stopping regime change, for profit wars. Can't get no better…..

  2. I know this video is a year old and you've posted many others since then but you should know that in Nebraska and Maine, the electoral votes are decided by who wins the congressional race not which presidential candidate wins the popular vote in that district.

  3. Please do not vote for Tulsi Gabbard because she is a woman. Vote for her because she is a great Candidate. I voted for Trump but clearly he is controlled by AIPAC and wants to continue these Bullshit Israeli Wars. AIPAC is not a fan of Tulsi Gabbard therefore I know she's the real deal.

    She is a Veteran. Proposed legislation to stop arming Terrorists with our tax dollars, and is for Universal healthcare ( Ironically we send Israel 32 Billion a year in military aide and they have Universal healthcare) Weird, huh?. If you really want to make a difference in this world stop voting for AIPAC Candidates. Maybe we will have a few less Wars in our lifetime?

  4. As yoi said its hard to make predictions based onky on approval ratings. The biggest problem with the last election was how unpopular the DNC candidate was. You could probanly have put literally any other democrat in that seat and they might have won. Hillary nmjust had a lot of baggage that camr with her that sunk her – and her ego when she beat Bernie supporters and acted like she didnt need our vote (so we didnt give it to her) actuallu was a huge hit.

    So 2020 will most likely be determined by who the DNC picks. If it is another corporatist shill or extreme left identity politics Trump will win again. If it is someone sensible (Tulsi Gabbard seems promising which is why I found this video) then the DNC should be a sho_in.

  5. It is VERY important that the Democrat Party backs her up with a platform that MOST Americans would likely agree on:
    – STOP free trade and demand trade reciprocity with ALL trading partners.
    – IMPLEMENT a single payer medical program.
    – ESCHEW foreign entanglements that don't have the moral backing of the American people.
    – ADJUST an income tax plank depending on the outcome of Trump's tax cut results.
    – IMPLEMENT FREE on line University programs in Engineering, Accounting, Business.
    – WITHDRAW as many foreign military installations as prudent.
    – CONCENTRATE of creating high paying jobs and lowering welfare rolls.
    – PROMOTE the re-industrialization and manufacturing wealth creation in the USA.
    – END illegal immigration.
    – CONCENTRATE of lowering tensions with Russia and China.
    – IMPLEMENT infrastructure repair and rebuild.

  6. I think Trump would have been hard to beat…UNTIL his strike on Syria. Now…this Gabbard could very well be a contender. BUT…I think Sanders is STILL a major contender…and with this Gabbard as the VP…I think they'd be a VERY powerful team. I think with a STRONG anti-free trade…anti-foreign entanglement…and a state run medical system…I think they could take Wisconsin…Michigan…Ohio and Pennsylvania. And assuming most of the states other than those 4 go the same way they did in 2016…I think they have a chance.

  7. Tulssi Gabbard es la mejor candidata a la presidencia de Estados Unidos está senadora por el estado de Hawai es la mejor capacitada para conducir está nación tiene mucha seriedad y un buen testimonio tiene mucha Credi hace poco estubo debatiendo en el congreso y tiene una capacidad extraordinaria experiencia seriedad honestidad al contrario del presidente que ahora tenemos que es un corrupto es un racista y un traidor de éste país además violador de mujeres un mal ejemplo como el primer mandatario de este país. Este hombre debería estar recluido en un centro de enfermos mentales está llevando el país al desastre económico y a una guerra mundial si los congresistas republicanos no habren sus ojos a tiempo nos espera un desastre está nación se ha convertido en el hasme reír de las demás naciones gracias a este corrupto presidente

  8. I call the Red Wall the Iron Curtain
    I have no idea why(I know what you guys are thinking I’m not a democrat calling Republicans commies I’m a Republican but Iron Curtain sounds badass to me)

  9. I would vote for Tulsi Gabbard. One of the only Democrats I could vote for. But she would never win the Dem nomination and probably not the general election either. She’s not mainstream. Too dovish.

  10. A Daycare and Kindergarten could be included in the construction budget of every grade school and include staffing costs.
    Children of Teachers and other School district Employees would be eligible to attend the School District Daycare or Kindergarten. This would be far more valuable than a 3% Pay Raise.

  11. Every Gubernatorial candidate should be asked two questions: #1: Will you support Ratification of UNCLOS II? #2: Would you support Mexico becoming the Fifty First State of the United States of America?

  12. Ratification of UNCLOS II would extend U.S. Coastal waters to 600 miles from shore and include the continental shelf. The appropriate state would manage the newly acquired coastal waters. The U.S. Military supports Ratification of UNCLOS II. Ratification of UNCLOS II would grant U.S. Companies the opportunity to invest in the mineral rights in the newly acquired territory. Ratification of UNCLOS II would place the United States of America on the Rules Making Body of UNCLOS II with veto power.

  13. A Daycare and Kindergarten could be added to the construction budget of every grade school. Children of Teachers and other School district Employees could save day care costs by bringing them to the School District Daycare or Kindergarten. The Daycare and Kindergarten could run by School District Employees for next to nothing.

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