2020 Election Night | Tammy Baldwin vs Donald Trump

2020 Election Night | Tammy Baldwin vs Donald Trump

Can the unpopular senator from Wisconsin beat Donald Trump and become the first female POTUS?

2020 Presidential Election 2020

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  1. In guarantee you Tammy Baldwin will not run for President in 2020. She is more focused on her duties to Wisconsin, despite running for Re-Election in 2018.

  2. Love your videos!!!! If you haven’t already, you should Kirsten Gillibrand VS Trump, and Joe Kennedy vs Trump. You should also do a few with Pence as the republican nominee. And a 2020 republican primary would be cool as well.

  3. I like how you favoriting me as a Trump supporter and yes I want him to be re-elected, but this video makes no since some states you called will be impossible to flip red like Nevada, and Colorado (heavily hispanic) and Arizona (hispanic vote could rise) and Wisconsin (where she from no) I don't think so Trump could win re-election but not with this kind of outcome. When you project these scenarios, project with sense.

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