2020 Election Night | Steve Bullock vs Donald Trump

2020 Election Night | Steve Bullock vs Donald Trump

Can President Trump overcome Steve Bullock if he runs on the conservative democrat ticket?

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  1. I'm not sure how well a conservative Democrat could do against Trump. Usually moderate candidates try to take away their opponent's on the fence voters, but I'm not sure there is a substantial number of on the fence Trump voters.

  2. I think ? this turn coat anti-gun government in MT his own state he would lose big time, because as many know MT and surrounding states out here are big gun folks, hunting is big ! Recently he was good to his state gun folks, but ! Now has turned his back on them ! US ! Most of the population in MT lives in small towns, villages and the country ! NO WAY ! BULLOCK ! President ? I don’t think so ! Heard about his recent anti-gun B S on NATV 8 20 2018 GO ARMY NRA USA

  3. I think it's conceivable that Heidi Heitkamp is able to help flip North Dakota to a blue state…ND is a major farming state and farmers in ND do tend to be Conservative Democrats. However, if North Dakota went blue due to a Conservative Democrat that can relate to farmers, I think Iowa would definitely go blue as well.

  4. 9:03 Actually, the closest that a Democrat came to winning North Dakota since 1964 was Jimmy Carter in 1976 when he lost the state by about 5 points. He also narrowly lost South Dakota by 2 points!

    Just wanna let ya know! :p

  5. A Bill Clinton esc. conservative or a "celebrity" Democrat (such as Mark Cuban, Dwyane "The Rock" Johnson, or maybe Mark Zuckerberg, possibly Oprah Winfrey to a lesser extent) would definitely have a shot against Trump in 2020. Not sure an actual liberal one though, unless it's Bernie Sanders, but who is probably too old at this point. That and I really can't see North Dakota ever going blue no matter the situation in our lifetime(s) t.b.h., and only really would in a reverse Reagan/Mondale total landslide, or possibly a Reagan/Carter one, maybe Bush/Dukakis at the very least.

  6. Time out for a minute, Ethan. You said in your Trump vs. Bullock prediction video that Bullock would win WI, PA, FL, and NE-02. You also said Trump would win ND. Why did you change some calls? Anyway, can you do 2020: Donald Trump vs. Chuck Schumer? I suggested that on Twitter earlier today.

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