2020 Election Night | Phil Bredesen vs Donald Trump

2020 Election Night | Phil Bredesen vs Donald Trump

Can the Tennessee Governor who won all counties in 2006 as a Democrat overcome Donald Trump in the 2020 Presidential Election?

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  1. No Democrat will carry Tennessee or Kentucky. They’re way too red to elect a Democrat even if the Democrat is from those states. Trump is born in New York and New York is still his home state, yet you don’t predict him winning it very often. 🙂

  2. not a bad approach – or idea, given Bredesen's 95 county carry in '06. Nearly 9 min long video – propaganda dedication. 76 yr old Pres. Phil! I could see it…

  3. Fundraising Numbers: Trump/Pence 2020: $100 Million / Dems: $38.2 Million

    Trump approval: +0.3% since election 2016

    (Now direct me to valid evidence on why you think this map is a realistic outcome in 2020?)

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