2020 Election Night | Mitch McConnell vs Chuck Schumer

2020 Election Night | Mitch McConnell vs Chuck Schumer

Who would win in the 2020 election, the Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer or the Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell?

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  1. Seriously, Mitch McConnell is becoming the new Nancy Pelosi – the Congressional party leader disliked strongly by the opposition, but even with many members of their own party. Just as some Democratic House candidates have refused to commit to vote for Pelosi for Speaker in 2019, some GOPers running for the US Senate are actively disdaining McConnell and say they may not vote for him for Majority Leader in the next Congress. (By contrast, few Democratic Senators are publicly criticizing Schumer.)

  2. McConnell might win the republican nomination, because Republicans don’t mind a corrupt establishment douchebag as their leader.

    The left will no longer let another establishment get the nomination. Not after what the DNC did to Bernie Sanders.

  3. As a Kentuckian, I disagree with how narrow Kentucky would be. Sure, nobody really loves McConnell here, but I think that this state is reliably republican and would not vote for someone like Chuck.

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