2020 Election Night | Kanye West vs Donald Trump

2020 Election Night | Kanye West vs Donald Trump

Could Kanye West overcome Donald Trump come the 2020 Presidential Election? No.

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  1. Okay if you think Kanye West shouldn’t win because of bad policies or not having experience, LOOK AT TRUMP HE WAS A CELEBRITY THAT JUST FIRED PEOPLE AND HIS POLICIES WERE TRASH

  2. President Trump would be the second Ronald Reagan in this scenario, except he does win every state, just not DC. Ronald Reagan would be watching from Heaven being so proud of President Trump. Trump would also be like George Washington (who literally won his first election unanimously) too.

  3. I’d love for this to happen in 2020!!! However, Kanye West will not be the nominee, because he actually likes President Trump and I love and respect his support for our beloved president. Kanye would run as a Republican if he were to run in the future.

    This video is my dream 2020 electoral map and then we’d almost be done with having two political parties if future elections keep favoring the GOP. If we just abandon the modern two party system, George Washington would be so proud of us and we’d have his dream country come to life again!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸

  4. Yo, there is 0% chance Donald Trump would win California, Vermont, New York, Illinois or Oregon. I'm not saying Kanye West would win, but it would not be a Reaganesque landslide.

  5. One of those election nights where the swing states are NOT too close to call. Also, it's 5 minutes to 10 PM when I wrote this edit in my home (the Philippines).

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