2020 Election Night | Kamala Harris vs Donald Trump | MSNBC Coverage

2020 Election Night | Kamala Harris vs Donald Trump | MSNBC Coverage

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  1. 11:00 Arizona is actually shifting towards the Democrats faster than even Texas is right now. Martha McSally (R) lost 2018 to Krysten Sinema (D) for Jeff Flake's (R) senate seat. Despite losing Flake's seat, she end's up getting John McCain's (god rest his soul) senate seat. McSally is not doing good in approval ratings and I will be shocked if she retains her seat in 2020. That's why Arizona is more competitive than we all think.

  2. I have recognized that the Democrats should focus on the following states based on importance. The 1st tier is the most crucial of all: Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. The 2nd tier are the states Democrats either won for the first time in a long time or lost within 3% or less in gubernatorial and/or senate elections during the 2018 midterms: Arizona, Texas, Georgia, and Florida. The 3rd midterms are states Democrats should not be worried as much as the other two, but go there to try make it competitive for future Democrats: Iowa, Ohio, and North Carolina. If Democrats can go into 10 states and pull those important votes their way, there is no way the Democrats could mess this one up.

  3. I don't believe Harris has a goddamn chance! She needs to leave the debates! I can't stand Harris nor trump and I would not vote for either one! VOTE BERNIE BERNIE BERNIE BERNIE BERNIE BERNIE BERNIE

  4. Go get Tulsi Gabbard on the third and 4th debate stage we need to get her to 3 percent in the polls,  go dontate to her and spread her website at http://www.tulsi2020.com help her take on the establishment, military industrial complex,  and get her the nomination to show the DNC who's boss and then on to defeat Donald Trump and transform the economy and country. #TULSI2020

  5. There is no way that any Iron Belt state, except Minnesota, would flip to a Democrat after hearing every Democrat say that they would shut down coal, and fossil fuels. The Iron Belt would turn right back into the Rust Belt, and those states know it. It is nice to finally see you not having a Democrat win just because they are a Democrat though.

  6. I completely agree with this. I live in PA and this is exactly what would happen here. Harris would lose PA to Trump just like Hillary did. I live in a county that has been historically Democrat (Gore, Kerry, Obama, Obama) and it flipped strongly to Trump in 2016. And Kamala Harris ain't winning that back. A Harris ticket would be a loss for the Democrats, but good news is she almost certainly won't be the nominee as her poll numbers are falling after Tulsi Gabbard ripped her to shreds in that debate. The final 4 Democrats in the hunt will be: Biden (who would lose to Trump), Sanders (beats Trump), Warren (tough call), and Yang (would beat Trump in a landslide).

  7. YOU ARE A RACIST TRUMP DEMORAT JUST LIKE Jackson and the Indians. Andrew Jackson’s desire to serve the interests of the common man did not extend to African and Indians. It was during his administration that the policy of “removal" (forcing Indians to move to lands west of the Mississippi River) became the official federal strategy.


  8. Video is an unlikely waste of time. As I have said countless times: Trump wins if…he carries ALL of AZ, TX, GA, FL, OH, NC and IA (all 7! aka… highly unlikely) AND 1 of 3 MI, PA, WI. Would likely need 2 of 3 if loses any of the 7 (almost impossible) and 3 of 3 if the loss is FL or TX (also requires belief in unicorns)

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