2020 Election Night | Julian Castro vs Donald Trump

2020 Election Night | Julian Castro vs Donald Trump

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  1. Let's talk Elections is a very liberal No matter who he's puts against Trump Trump loses and because of that I don't think that I can believe any of his predictions. no I am not conservative I do not claim a party at all I just feel that if his prediction is always against Trump no matter what it seems a bit bias because some of the democratic candidates do not have the following most think and like in 2016 elections we did not count on Trump winning because we weren't counting on it

  2. You had Castro down by 4 points with less than half of Pennsylvania in. If that is true, it means Trump is winning Pennsylvania in a landslide. This, of course, was not the case in your video. Remember that democratic areas report first in PA and last in VA, so both will be getting redder/bluer as the night goes on. Clinton had a 3-point lead in PA at 11pm, and lost by .7. She was down by 1 in VA at 9pm, and won by 5.5. 

    Just my two cents.

  3. Do one with an MSNBC Election Night theme for Elizabeth Warren v. Donald Trump with the latest polls now that she is second or tied for first in the Democratic Primary

  4. Castro stands about as much chance of winning the nomination as a 3-day old, half-eaten Taco Bell burrito you found in the trash can.

  5. After the humiliation of the democrat party at the house judiciary hearing with Corey lewandowski that almost all democrats agree was a complete disaster and after that bs New York Times report on the 45,657th Bret kavanaugh accusation there is literally 0 chance that trump loses to any of these socialist morons.

  6. Castro might not even break 200; he's that terrible and racist. Trump should have won GA, OH, NC, IA, FL, and possibly FL, AZ, all at poll closing times. Also NM if it stays would be REALLY close. Also no way he'd win NH, MI, ME-AL, or NV. CO wouldn't be called as early.

  7. While I believe that Julian has NO CHANCE of winning Pennsylvania (due to low Hispanic population), I don't think Trump will win Wisconsin. Especially considering the fact that thanks to his tariffs, dairy exports (basically Wisconsin's economy) to China from Wisconsin have fallen 54%. 54%

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