2020 Election Night | Joe Manchin vs Donald Trump

2020 Election Night | Joe Manchin vs Donald Trump

Can Joe Manchin, a blue dog Democratic who is pro-life and a senator from West Virginia overcome Donald Trump with a 36% approval rating?

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  1. Joe Manchin could win the progressive wing of the party by choosing a progressive Vice Presedent like Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, or AOC

  2. the democrats needs a candidate who can win the Midwest and meaby a couple southern states the left wing candidates can't do that they need a centrist candidate to regain the Midwest and the rustbelt memaby Manchin is a bit too conservative but I thibk that's the route the democrates needs to go

  3. I agree with the Scenario, people would be saying that Joe Manchin Would lose because He would not have an Appeal on Progressives, that maybe true, but Manchin would Do extremely well with Moderate Democrats and Alienated Republicans. In that case (MANCHIN 2020, make the Democrats Centrist again!)

  4. Sorry in a military state like north carolina no Democrat will win for a while here with the anti military democrat they votes Democrat 1 time since 1972

  5. I like this clips, I find them entertaining, but I find it repetitive how when you make a projection you say "Out of the state of…" It gets repetitive after a while, and I highly recommend searching old clips of Dan Rather covering past elections. A lot can be learned from the way he called states.

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