2020 Election Night | Full Results | Joe Biden vs Donald Trump

2020 Election Night | Full Results | Joe Biden vs Donald Trump

Here’s the guy I collaborated with: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCB0kGZ75LjKETjjCAgSvZ_A
Can’t believe it’s finally done for now! Definitely going to do another before November :)!
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  1. Keep in mind this entire election night was done over the past 2 months. During the beginning of this collab, COVID-19 had not even broken through 100 cases nationwide. Throughout the process, we had moved states red –> blue and blue –> red.

    (spoiler alert – do not read until after watching / you don't care) At one point, F**r*da was in Biden's camp during his peak, but since we moved the production later on, Trump has now carried the state in our projection (spoiler alert).

    While this may seem very beneficial for the Democratic party in terms of the Senate & House, all of this was a combination of race research and very close looks at certain states. You may not agree with the results, but please refrain from attacking EP or I as a result of the outcome.

    Thank you all for watching this video and thank you SO MUCH for 40K subscribers 🙂 Enjoy!

  2. dosent matter mr ..this you are doig here are outstandeng. you must alrady become a favorite.. if not you are over here in Europe,sml, u young and i know u are independent . look us up after election ,ok Eorpean uion. we wannt you here good salary for the ….. ok .keep up your exellent work ,you are one of many we want her. salary around 6000 us dollars a month after tax .biggest german news paper in germany ..keep doing the great work .zeitung

  3. I’m from Maine, at this point everyone is just thinking about how many Susan Collins and Sarah Gideon ads they see per hour because it’s fucking insane, everyone is sick of this senate race

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