2020 Election Night | Donald Trump vs Kamala Harris

2020 Election Night | Donald Trump vs Kamala Harris

Please watch: “2020 Election Night | Confederate States of America”

2020 Election Night | Confederate States of America


Can Senator Kamala Harris, the rising star of the elitist of the Democratic Party, overcome Donald Trump in a general election after backlash from within her own party?

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  1. NOT TRUE! Kamala Harris would have TOTALLY WON. Well, now I'm looking at the date you created this. This is before the Mid-Terms… But STILL totally would think she would win…!!!

  2. I've predicted and believed Kamala Harris would run for President since I saw her do an interview about her book about 9 years ago. She's been called the female version of President Barack Obama. Black, Indian (India), & Jamaican. Mixed cultural backgrounds of parents. Interesting on prison reform. Very attractive and easy to listen to. Very charming and charismatic. If there will ever be a first woman to be President, she's the one! Will watch her on YouTube to better learn policies and more.

  3. Lol r u serious Trump defaet harris hahahahhahahahahahahahahahahshahhahahahhahahahhahahahhahahahhahahahahhahahhahahahahhahahhahahahhahahahhahshahahahhahahhahahahhahahhahahhagaggagahhahahhahhahahhahahhahahhahahhahhahahhahahhahahahahhahahhahahhahhahahhahhw😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  4. president trump is going to win easliy he has strong base he still outsider he have srtong base in those states his populist bernie and maybe mark cuban possible the only one win maybe presidency if bernie forgive bernie supporters switch side with dems otherwised trump will win get re elected the only third pary candidates are one can actually win depends if they have message possible libertarian greens even indenpendants corverstive and refrom party possible candidates have shot winnig presdent 2020 stop nominating liberals isnt going to work last bernie was only one that strong base he outsider he also his socliast and indenpendants trump and him had strong base last year 2016 but if they nominate the one tide to obama or liberals or establishment they lose so got to get act together otherwised trump get re elected again 2020 i think are going is going win 2020 get him second term for four more years 8 more years which going happens anyways ok

  5. I think Biden Will win by a landline Donnie can't and won't be able to break our blue wall since Biden Loved by millions by up North and across the country and abroad I have him winning at 303 to Donnie 190 even michellla Obama will beat him please Hillary don't run I like what I see for Biden or Michelle Obama looks like those two Best did few projects of people who can beat Donnie Biden or Michelle Obama let's go do this not Harris she will loose

  6. As someone who supported McCain and Romney in 2008 and 2012, don't even ask me why, I was a moron, and someone who went from Trump to Clinton after all that shit came out about him being supported by the KKK and sexual assaults, Harris would DECIMATE Trump. On top of the 2016 states Clinton won, here'd what states she'd win:

    -Michigan, an easy flip for her
    -Wisconsin, same as Michigan
    -Pennsylvania, same as Michigan
    -North Carolina, most definitely because of the African-American vote in the Triangle, in Raleigh and Charlotte, like Obama did
    -Arizona, the latino vote would give her he state, they hate Trump
    -Georgia, maybe a likely democrat state in 2024, I think Georgia could go to Harris because of Atlanta, it would be a toss-up and she'd have to fight for it, but it could go to her by 51% to 49% perhaps. It's like the South's equivalent of Illinois.
    -Florida, the hispanic vote will flip to the democrats in 2020
    -Ohio, the Northern counties will flip back to the dems, Harris could take the state by a small percentage

    Indiana- Yes, it's safe red, but if Trump or Pence upsets the Republican base, Indiana could flip, like it did in 2008
    Texas- She will advance on Clinton's performance in 2016, probably not win it, but make sizeable inroads for future elections
    Iowa- I don't know, eastern Iowa used to be democrat and that made it go blue, but it's loosing population and therfore loosing democrat votes. It's probably a lost cause. And to think Iowa used to be a liberal and prosperous state, one of the first to legalize same-sex marriage ;-;

  7. Dude, what have you been smoking? She'd butcher Trump. I supported Trump, but even I know he's way too shit to get re-elected. She'd take Ohio, Florida, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Arizona. Possibly even Iowa too. You got this VERY wrong.

  8. If the democrats are foolish enough to run Harris, then let them relive their 2016 mistakes again. The corporate democrats will have to die out at this point in order for the party to progress. If they were going to change, they would've done so on Nov 9th 2016….it can't change, yet it cannot survive.

  9. Hey, just wondering if you could do a re-do of the video of the 2020 Dems primary contest you did with Biden, Sanders, Harris, Booker, Warren, but with the cool graphics and the music, and like it's happening in 'real time' so you show it state by state with the race unfolding? Also some more commentary and more of an explanation of why you think it will turn out like that. I like your videos but more in-depth explanation of the theory behind why you predict this result or that result would make them even better.

    I am enjoying these videos very much, thanks from the UK.

  10. Trump would probably win. All moot though. Harris would not get through the Democratic primary. The typical Dem primary voter does not like her. She may win the South but would lose in the Rust Belt and areas with less African-American voters. I would expect Bernie Sanders or another Democrat with similar views to be the 2020 nominee.

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