2020 Election Night | Chelsea Clinton vs Donald Trump

2020 Election Night | Chelsea Clinton vs Donald Trump

Can Hillary Clinton’s daughter, Chelsea Clinton, overcome Donald Trump in a general election?

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  1. Whoa whoa whoa there’s a lot of Errors in what state would go to who Minnesota is democratic so is Nevada and why would New Hampshire go for Trump it’s been like 20 years since it when republican

  2. I liked the Fox News format. These videos are fun. I appreciate your research, analysis, and graphics. Keep up the good work. It is like visiting parallel universes.

  3. I don't he would reelection if he ran against Chelsea Clinton cause she is younger and would be able to get the 18-50 crowd and Trump would get and Trump would get the 50 and above crowd

  4. I don't think would win Arkansas at all. Cause Arkansas would vote for home town girl in Chelsea and no Trump wouldn't win re election if he ran against Chelsea

  5. Disagree with Virginia and Colorado, very suburban states that are trending very democratic. Nevada MIGHT go to Chelsea Clinton because of organized democratic party with unions and hispanic turnout there. Otherwise pretty accurate.

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