2020 Election Night | Bob Casey vs Donald Trump

2020 Election Night | Bob Casey vs Donald Trump

Can Senator Bob Casey from Pennsylvania beat Donald Trump in the 2020 Presidential Election?

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  1. i hope we will never have that libtard CASEY as POTUS. He would keep individual mandate for Obamacare- meaning i have to pay 670/month for lousy but cheapest(with 5500 deductible i pay for nothing or face the penalty! of course he himself doesn't have Obamacare ins. and he doesn't care about Pensylvanns like me! He voted against tax cuts for us! Are you crazy!?

  2. Jesus, can Trump beat anybody?! I understand the rust belt flips of PA and MI, but OH should go to Trump, along with the increasingly conservative Colorado. Very few people seem to know who Casey is, so I don’t think he’d appeal too well in competitive states such as NV and MN. Trump should win at least 290.

  3. Can you do alternate history elections? Here are some suggestions of alternate scenarios:

    1988: Mario Cuomo vs George HW Bush

    2000: John McCain vs Al Gore

    1964: John F. Kennedy vs Barry Goldwater (Kennedy lives and the events in Dallas did not happen)

  4. I understood most calls but you really think Casey would take Nevada? I feel like if he did that would be close, most likely by the time 2020 roles around it will most likely be an almost even 50% v 50% split but I would say with Trump they would vote GOP. They are already in decemt economic condition, nothing for Trump to make promises on there, plus a large rural population thanks to their deserts, plus a growing conservative population.

    Great Video tho I really liked it and the theme is not as good as previous one.

  5. Candidate pitch for a possible video.

    Gender: Female
    Race: White (German)
    VP: Al Franken
    Age: 40
    Experience: 2002-2004 US Air force fighter pilot served in Iraq.2004-2009 NASA Astronaut (USAF Manned Spaceflight Engineer). 2010-2012 US representative from MD- 1st district. US Senator from Maryland 2012 to present (Running while holding office)
    Views: Neoliberal/moderate on economics somewhere between Obama and Clinton. Socially progressive. Pro-Feminism and Trans rights. Internationalist in foreign policy but hawkish against Russia and Iran. favorable to immigration.
    Religion:Unitarian Universalist.
    Education: Bachelors in Astronautical Engineering, Masters in Political Science. Minored in Economics.

    Post your's and I'll make my guesses on how they might preform against Trump.

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