2020 Election Night | Andrew Cuomo vs Donald Trump

2020 Election Night | Andrew Cuomo vs Donald Trump

Can the New York governor overcome Donald Trump in a general election?

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  1. Hi, will you do an UPDATED Coronavirus era matchup of these two? HEY, Please do an ANDREW CUOMO vs. Donald Trump election prediction, as Biden has faded from attention during the Coronavirus outbreak & Joe Biden appears irrelevant, clumsy & his in-home briefings have become eclipsed by our governor's response to the crisis! (I live in the Albany, NY area).

  2. Thank you for the video, but I disagree with this prediction. Trump might win, with he has NO CHANCE to carry Nevada and Minnesota. His approval ratings in these states are barely 40%.

  3. As an upstate NY resident I can honestly say Andrew Cuomo embodies political corruption at its finest. Additionally he advocates for socialism and believe's that "America has never been great." He will rule like a Tyrant cramming his disgusting rhetoric down our children's throats on a national level. Once the rest of the country gets a look at what we already see here in NY regarding Cuomo, Trump will hand him his Ass! Cuomo's Gotta Go!

  4. 2020 is a lock for RNC game over Trump will win big time. I know DNC hates Trump and the electoral college so watch 2020 Trump will win with 375 or more electoral college.

  5. Andrew Cuomo would win. He sponsored tuition free college in New York with Bernie, took measures to combat climate change and expanded Gun Control which would win him the base and left leaning independents and swing voters. If Cuomo was the nominee I see him winning the States Hillary won in 2016 as well as Michigan, Pennsylvania, Maine-CD2, Ohio, Wisconsin, and Florida. Maybe even Iowa, Arizona and North Carolina

  6. Please do the "3rd party surge" video you did, in election night this time, and giving way more votes to the small parties (with no one winning 270 votes, so use of the chamber of representatives at the end to choose the winner)

  7. Ok usually I agree with you on most of your election nights but this is jut wrong. I don't think your considering the hispanics in states like Nevada, and Florida. He has angered a lot of people with this DACA situation. He would not win those states if we have a energetic democratic nominee that will excite the party. Even the situation with Charlottesville. and his pardon on the sheriff. he is definitely gonna lose support not gain it.

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