2020 Election Night | Al Gore vs Donald Trump

2020 Election Night | Al Gore vs Donald Trump

Can the former Vice President beat Donald Trump?
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  1. Florids wouldn't go for Gore. It didn't before by a slim margin, and Florida tends to vote for the incumbent which means Trump, who is a stronger candidate than Bush anyway. Plus, Gore is a nobody now who simply would not excite enough people. Trump would win reelection.

  2. It’s Impossible for you isnt it? You are very Biased, Donald Trump maybe wouldn’t have won this one but there were PLENTY of others, he would’ve beaten Michelle Obama, and you don’t have a single Republican victory in any of your videos.
    Im not a Republican supporter but you need to be less biased

  3. I think all of us were looking for the Florida call to say "Al Gore is the projected winner", and I think this would be incredibly great for the environment.

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